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Q is for Quench

on June 19, 2012



“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”  Matthew 5:6


“Jesus answered and said unto her, Whoever drinketh of this water shall not thirst again.”  John 4:13


“And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life; he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”  John 6:35


When I think about quenching, it’s usually when I’m so thirsty I’d gladly give any money in my pocket for a drink.  Which isn’t hard to imagine with the heat wave we have had and it’s going to just get worse (almost 100 with humidity!) – so it’s easy to get dehydrated and need your thirst quenched.


We thirst for a lot…..


more money


more clothing


more electronics


more room in a house


more ___________  (you fill in the blank of what you quench for)


As humans, regardless of whether we want to acknowledge Him or not, there is a God, the One who created us all.  As the created we long to know our Creator – some deny and live their lives pushing Him down but there is always that longing, that thirst for who He is – we are made to want to know our Lord, to grow close to Him.


There are many faiths, but there is only one God that through His Son we can truly have our thirst quenched.  It’s for the Spiritual – not for the things that will be destroyed in the end.  Our quest for quenching our thirst is only  going to be found through the Living God – not a statue or idol, not a man who has died, but in the Living God whose Son died and rose again.


If God has the power to raise His Son from the grave He has the power to quench our thirst.  It begins with us seeking Him, through prayer and reading of the Word.  We must turn over our lives to Him – not “okay, you can have this part but I’m not comfortable turning over my fertility, my finances, my __________ to You” it’s all or nothing.  Does one little drop of water help you when your mouth is so dry it’s like cotton?  Nope.  Just like that we can’t expect to have God quench our Spiritual thirst if we only want to give Him a little – if giving Him your all means that you’ll never thirst again, wouldn’t you want that?


Not that we shouldn’t always be seeking and thirsting after His knowledge but through recognizing Him as the Lord and our Savior we won’t have to thirst after things that no longer matter – we can live in a small house even when others think we’ve outgrown it, we can be fine with a dinosaur of a computer, we can be clothed in last years or even 10 years’ ago fashions – if we know that we no longer need to thirst after things of the world we can rest in knowing God, we can read His Word and know what He’s telling us is the Truth – by following Him we know what our soul longs for and it will be given.




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