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The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

on June 23, 2012


In my life this week:


Well, I’ve been busy.  I wrote a review for a local author who I hope to meet tomorrow at the book signing.  It’s just been busy.


In our homeschool this week:


Nothing.  Well not nothing, really but as far as school, school goes, we didn’t do a thing.  Bethanne had her first college for kids class which involved using natural materials to make a mosaic of something found in nature – she did a hummingbird (which I was planning on doing a unit study on this week but well….I didn’t).  We dropped Hannah off at 4-H camp on Monday and she was supposed to stay until Friday morning but after falling and hitting her back her orthopedic dr wanted us to take her to the E.R.  turned out it’s muscular and she’s sore and taking prescription strength motrin.  It was a bit odd having her gone and I definitely worried – she doesn’t want to go again.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:


We saw lots of people when I dropped off Hannah, she also was a cabin mate with a friend she already knew, so that helped.  Then there was Bethanne’s class in which there were several other children as well as the teacher.  We also had our 4H meeting so we saw our wonderful 4-H group as well.


My favorite thing this week was:


Seeing my oldest be able to handle herself in a new experience.  Seeing how excited my oldest got over creating a piece of art.  Spending some one-on-one time with my little man.


I’m reading:


Dark Star by Creston Mapes


Full Tilt by Creston Mapes


Nobody by Creston Mapes


Shoot the Wounded by Lynn Dove


Knowing by Tammy Hill


A picture to share:


Christian posing with an interesting bug he found on the outside window. I had to go outside and snap a picture.


Up close shot of the bug from above, have no idea what it was but it was kind of pretty.


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  1. I totally relate to not liking your daughter to be gone–I always feel “homesick” while they are away!

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