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The Creation as retold by Janice D. Green

on June 27, 2012

About the Book:

In The Creation, children’s author and illustrator Janice Green presents the day-by-day Genesis account with delightful word pictures and colorful hand-appliqued quilt illustrations. Questions included on each page encourage dialog between children and their caregivers. Through one-on-one snuggle time, children gain interest in the Bible as caregivers embrace the opportunity to share their faith.

My Opinion:

Whether for your own child or as a gift The Creation is going to be a wonderful book that will be cherished between the child and you (or their parent).  This beautiful hard cover book is a retelling of the Biblical and historical account of how the earth, humans, animals and all of nature came to be.  With retelling of Bible stories one must be careful not to take away from or add to the Bible and Janice Green has done a wonderful job of retelling the story on a child’s level but without degrading the Word of God.

The illustrations throughout the book are quilt blocks that Janice herself hand appliqued and created for this book.  Colorful and lively the book has a warm, homey feel to it that both adult and child, alike will love to come back to time and again as they read the story together.  The questions following the the story are short and are a great way to open dialogue between parent and child as Biblical truths are explored and ingrained into their lives.  I like to that the font size makes for an easy reader for a child who is just learning to read or who struggles to read.

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**Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from Book Crash in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.


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