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Trip to COSI

on June 27, 2012

On June 1st, the children and I went to COSI with a friend of mine and her son.  We got off to a rough start, with Hannah not wanting to be there and all four children not able to agree where to go first.  After we got over that initial bump the rest of the day went good.


Christian playing in the diner area in Progress, it’s like a step back in time.


Bethanne in the diner with Christian crawling on the counter – good thing it’s a children’s museum


My girls helping to take apart a computer.


Christian working on the computer.


My girls and their friend working together.


New water exhibit. This was a cloud of condensed water with a light shining words on the ‘wall’


All four children in front of the ‘wall’



Bethanne standing in front of the penguin display, too bad they didn’t have a hippo.


All four standing in front of an exhibit.


I let Christian use my camera and he snapped this picture of a historic car.

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