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Exposed: Inexcusable me… Irreplaceable Him by Shannon M. Deitz

on July 6, 2012

About the Book:

Exposed: Inexcusable Me . . . Irreplaceable Him is one woman’s courageous journey down the path of spiritual self-discovery. Not only does this book expose the awful truths of physical and emotional abuse, but it also exposes the truth that, no matter how deeply our wounds may run, we will always be worthy of God’s healing grace. This book offers faith-based encouragement for teenagers and adults who have suffered physical or emotional abuse. Through the extremely personal, no-holds-barred account of one woman’s journey down a self-destructive path, it addresses such issues as spiritual warfare, the need to be loved, and the need to relinquish control of one’s self to God.

My Opinion:

I had to look at the cover to make sure it wasn’t my story I was reading as I began Exposed – I read this beginning at 9p.m. and finishing about 2:30p.m. the next day (I took time to sleep) because it kept me in it’s grips as I read Shannon’s testimony and her encounters with the spiritual.  The reason why I say that I thought I was reading my story was because a lot of her actions, self destructive ones, were ones that I also fell in to – and like her the Lord saved me from myself.

She is unashamedly Catholic and is very grounded in her faith, now, I’m a non-denominational Christian – the rapes she survived are recounted and there the differences end.  I must say that I was surprised that while she is Catholic that she is open to the Holy Spirit and has a gift of discerning the Lord as well as Satan – and while I can’t comprehend some her beliefs I do know the feeling of being cut off and distant from God and not worthy of His love.  Growing up in church doesn’t guarantee a smooth path and no temptation and  I can even understand the hesitancy she had in writing her story – what would people think?

This was an excellent read and one that would have probably saved me a lot of heart ache had it been available years ago.  Reading her story and her life as a married woman with two children is truly inspirational.  Some may doubt the demons and tales of discernment but if you know that Satan is alive and working in this world then it will come as no surprise that when you invite Christ into your life and live for Him that his henchmen will attack.

**Disclaimer:  I was provided a copy of this book from B&B Media in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


One response to “Exposed: Inexcusable me… Irreplaceable Him by Shannon M. Deitz

  1. smdeitz says:

    Thank you for the review! I am definitely open to the Holy Spirit, how can we not be? 😉 You have a gorgeous family and I am glad to know we are ‘kindred spirits’ in spreading His message of freedom in His redemption.
    Shannon M. Deitz

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