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The end (sort of) for the 2012 4-H year

on July 20, 2012

This Friday, the 20th, our county fair begins and with it means that the 2012 4-H year is unofficially over.  I see all the work the children have done, culminate in judging, awards and the fair.  There will be an awards banquet – one for our individual club and one for the county, but those are later.


I’m so happy that out of 11 children, 4 of which are Cloverbuds and completed a lapbook on insects, 4 of the members completed their project books and went to their respective skill-a-thon or miscellaneous judging.  One of our members who has never been in 4-H before was given 3rd place in her project on family history.  My oldest who took three projects and because of time issues, completed two, placed 2nd in Cavy (guinea pig) and 1st in her Exploring the Treasures of 4-H.  The other member got all A’s at her skillathon and another was given all B’s.  Not bad, if I say so myself.


Today, my friend and fellow 4-H volunteer and I started getting our fair booth up and tomorrow morning some more moms will come out and help get it finished and put our display boards in.  It does look better than last years and my friend made an awesome poster board with our club’s name on it.  Pictures will come later after it’s done.  I also have to wait as Hannah won’t get her ribbons until next week and my other two don’t have show and tell until next week either.


Hannah surrounded with some of her items for the Exploring the Treasures of 4-H project, which she got 1st place in.


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