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Crew Review: Knowledge Quest; Map Trek: The Complete Collection

on July 22, 2012

Vendor Name:  Knowledge Quest

Vendor Contact Knowledge Quest contact page

Name of Product Map Trek: The Complete Collection

Price:  Hardcover atlas + CD ROM $55.00  (other prices vary depending on e-book versions and individual purchases)

Age/Grade Range:  Grades 1st through high school

Do you feel lost when your history curriculum has you doing mapping activities with your children?

Do you fumble in finding just the right map for every single age you have in your house?

Then head over to Knowledge Quest and take a look at their Map Trek map collections, available in hard cover with CD ROM or as e-books for immediate download after purchase and then you can load them to your e-reader or view them on your computer.  Knowledge Quest also has free PDF curriculum integration guides which will help you in figuring out how to align your current history curriculum such as Story of the World, Streams of Civilization, Truth Quest and more on a weekly basis.  I’ve been using this with our history program as a more easy way to include geography according to what we are studying.

If your history doesn’t include geography, no worries, as there are included lesson plans at each of the different time periods such as Ancient World, Medieval World, New World and Modern World.  The lesson plans are divided by grade level – level A is grades 1-4, level B is grades 5-8 and level C is 9-12, some levels are combined and that is noted.  As of yet, I’ve haven’t followed the lesson plans as I’ve been using this as a go-along with our history curricula but I do plan on integrating some of the lessons to help refresh what we’ve already studied or what my younger students missed before starting ‘official’ school.  Terri Johnson, the creator of Map Trek, recommends you do two days of map work (this is good as I know my children get a little frustrated with more than two days), and these lesson plans could easily carry your family through a half to a whole school year depending on your schedule per section.

The included CD ROM is a very important part of this collection, the book is the atlas where as the CD has all the lesson plans and glossaries, blank student maps, reproducible teacher maps, world and continent maps, U.S. History and state maps and much, more more.  The CD makes all maps accessible and easy to reproduce for your family, no more bending the binding of the book in order to get it copied on your home printer.  It does open in an internet browser (Opera for us) but while I was surprised at first it did seem to load faster than if it was just on my hard drive.

I didn’t use to enjoy geography but being able to look at map in this beautiful full colored atlas has made me enjoy being able to look at any given map for a time period and seeing just how it looked back then or even today.  This is going to be my family’s go-to resource for when we need a historical atlas or a modern atlas and it will last with it’s heavy paper pages and hard covers this is a book that will last years and be a treasured part of our homeschooling adventures for years to come.

Photobucket**Disclaimer:  As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


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