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Happy 6th Birthday to my Little Guy

on July 26, 2012

Well today is the day, my little boy is 6, I can’t believe how much he has changed over the last several years.  I miss him as a baby but he is such a delight – I laugh when I remember how I thought the u/s tech made a mistake because I had no idea what to do with a boy.  God does have a sense of humor and He definitely knew I could raise a boy.  My main fear, potty training, went very easily and well so now if I can get him to adult hood with no concussions or broken bones and have instilled in him a love of God and serving Him then I’ve done my job.

The day after my little guy was born!

Sleeping in his exersaucer while sucking his thumb.

One of his first real food experiences.

Loves from his big sister

All three of my blessings in May 2008

Scared of the lorakeets at the zoo.

Christian in a box.


Christian, now, with his completed moonbrella he made in one of his College for Kids classes this summer.


I see snatches of what he is going to become……like yesterday when he took action when Bethanne was scared of a ride at the fair and he went and got her and helped her…….

Like when he helps me dry dishes or helps me make dinner…….

When he tells his sisters he loves them……

He’s going to be a great man someday – one that will make me a proud momma and one that will do great things for the Lord.

Happy 6th birthday to my son,




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