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Crew Review: Math Made Easy – Addition

on August 12, 2012

Vendor Name: Math Made Easy

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Name of Product:   Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy

Price:  $24.95

Age/Grade Range: Grades 1, 2 or Special Education; maybe Kindergarten

As a mom and home educator to a 1st, 3rd and 5th grader I try to find ways to make math more meaningful and fun, it’s supposed to help children memorize addition facts without the aid of using fingers (or in my case toes) in 6 weeks.  To begin with the parent reads the initial directions that explains how math is going to be taught – so for instance eliminating some addition facts like the facts with zero as well as greatly decreasing the redundancy of some math so the child knows that whatever 3+2 is the answer is the same for 2+3.  By eliminating the facts of 0’s and 1’s as well as the redundant facts the child needs only to learn 36 actual facts spread over the course of 6 weeks.

You’ll begin by going over the 0’s and 1’s facts by using concrete objects such as toy cars, dolls, coins, etc.  After the lesson drill with the included flash cards that you’ll remove from the book and are of heavy card stock while you can continue using a concrete object to reinforce the addition problem.   The flashcards are marked with which week they go with and the aim is to have them answer in 8 seconds or less without using fingers.  Before staring there is a pre-test in which the child is instructed to do only the problems they know and to not count on their fingers – my daughter did not do well on this which shows me that she needs more work in learning her facts without relying on her fingers (or toes, like mom).

There are worksheets to go through each of a five day school week – Monday through Friday.  Since we only do school four days I doubled up on one of the days’ worksheets and reviewing the previous facts on Monday before continuing with the new weeks facts.  The worksheets are engaging, some with animals or a color by number picture and cut and paste a picture as the child solves the addition problem.  This is not your boring, average workbook but it is engaging and gets the child to see math in a relative and every day occurrences.

It’s not just the worksheets that are used or relied on there are multiple games at the back which do need some teacher prep before being used and again correspond to the week being taught.  I highly suggest laminating the portions of the games that can be so that they will withstand daily and weekly use and even gluing an envelope in the back to keep track of the games.  Within this simple book is a world of making math fun and practical and I used it with my 3rd grade daughter who enjoyed it and I’ll be adding it in to my 1st grader’s work as well so maybe math won’t be as much of a struggle as it was for me or my oldest.

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**Disclaimer:  As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.



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