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Summer Bowling

on August 13, 2012

Each summer I sign up for the free bowling thing and each year we never go – but this year we did and the children had a blast.  I’d like to take them again before the program is over but we’ll see.  The children had a lot of fun, after the last day of college for kids we headed over with a friend and had some bowling fun.


Bethanne was very excited when bowling and I was able to catch her jumping in joy.


Hannah my very serious bowler.


Christian taking his turn.


Christian during his break down when he felt the game wasn’t going fast enough and my friend’s foot made it in the picture!


This was the first time that the children had ever gone bowling and they’d been begging to go as they enjoy bowling on the Wii – but it’s just the same.  The day was a hit and next time I’ll be joining in!





One response to “Summer Bowling

  1. Pamela says:

    Aren’t family times just the best? I enjoyed seeing each child enjoy the outing. I miss those days but having Grandchildren to take is just such fun, too.

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