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A new doggy

on August 14, 2012

We volunteered at the Animal Welfare League this past Saturday with our 4H group and we didn’t go with the intention of getting another dog, but well the other volunteers brought in a little guy named Chico – who looks part pug and part chihuahua – which sounds a little odd but hubby has a soft spot in his heart for muts especially when said mut cuddles right up and works his way into his heart.


So I got introduced to Chico and well – okay I’m a sucker too.


We adopted Sadie last November and had some medical issues come up which the AWL took care of for us and well I guess we need to add another, so while we haven’t ‘officially’ adopted Chico yet (meaning he’s doing a home visit to see how he and Sadie get along) he’s pretty much found a forever home.


He’s constantly moving so I managed to grab a couple pics while he was sleeping.


Chico laying on my son taking a nap.





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