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2012 Fair

on August 15, 2012

Last month was our county fair, it was fun, it was hot and I’m glad it is now over until next year!  When you are in 4H the fair is what your summer revolves around – sort of – it could be worse, if we had live stock we’d be living out there.  We did work a two hour shift at the 4H ice cream booth which was awesome and it actually felt good out, two weeks before is miscellaneous judging and then club booth displays and Cloverbud Show and Tell.


It’s a busy time but it’s also fun.


Hannah surrounded by one of her project’s requirements.


Our Club’s fair booth.


Kid’s Day – Christian hard at work on his vegetable sculpture.


Christian’s finished sculpture – a car with a lime antennae


Bethanne with her veggie sculpture.



Hannah working on her veggie sculpture.


Christian’s beautiful flower arrangement. They only allowed them 4 pickings but when we went back later to see who won, the winners had 6 or more 😦


Bethanne in progress with her flower arrangement.


I don’t know how clear his face is but Christian had a look of total joy with a huge smile and a squeal when the carousel took off.


Christian doing his show and tell and telling the volunteer about his insect lapbook.


Bethanne’s 3rd and last show and tell,she’s telling a fair royalty about her insect lapbook.


All three standing with their respective award ribbons in front of out Club’s booth. Hannah got 2nd in Cavy and 1st in Treasures. Bethanne got her 3rd year Cloverbud ribbon and Christian received his 1st year Cloverbud ribbon.



Our day ended with Bethanne having a panic attack and almost heat stroke and me with a migraine.  It was a good but I wish that we had been able to spend more time since my mom bought us all ride wrist bands but it was close to 100 degrees that day and it was getting miserable.









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