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Cuddle-Uppets: A Review

on August 15, 2012


Cuddle Cuddle Uppets….The Blankets that are Puppets – if you’re a parent and you have a T.V. and a child you probably know that catchy but annoying tune by memory now and you probably wonder if they are worth it????


I thought the same thing as well – thinking they’d fall apart as soon as my child got it and then I had a chance to receive one for review and well I was proven wrong.  My son asked me if I’d request the yellow dog Cuddle-Uppet and that is what I was sent and he’s slept with every night since.



My son has enjoyed putting on puppet shows with his dog as well as sleeping with it – the whole thing is so very soft and even I’ve been known to throw it over my legs when I’m chilled and it’s nearby.  The makers even include four paws, one on each corner.  If you’re like me you want your best bang for your buck and you don’t want to order something only to have it fall apart and have to finagle for a replacement – and with a Cuddle-Uppet being $19.99 you want to know you’re making a good purchase decision.


I can tell you that my son’s Cuddle-Uppet has been washed in the washer on the delicate cycle on cold twice and also dried in the dryer on low heat twice and it comes out clean and fresh and almost softer than when we first got it.  I’ve tugged at the seems and none have started coming apart and what I assume to be plastic in the puppet’s mouth has not warped or become distorted in any way.  These would make a great Christmas, birthday or other time gift and I think I know two girls who would enjoy a Cuddle-Uppet of their own soon.


By the way, I also found another good use for Cuddle-Uppets and a fan….


Our dog Sadie cuddled up with my son’s Cuddle-Uppet.


**Disclaimer:  I was sent a Cuddle-Uppet in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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