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Litfuse Tour: Mother of Pearl compiled by Margaret McSweeney **Updated with contest info**

on August 15, 2012

About the Book:

Like oysters, women often encounter unexpected grit during their everyday lives. In response, God’s love and grace covers this grit and transforms the pain into a precious pearl that leaves a layered, luminous lining within a shell: Mother of Pearl. This brilliant luster is strong, lasting, and purposeful—just like the love, lessons, and legacies left by the special women in our lives.

Mother of Pearl celebrates the collective iridescence of motherhood. Margaret McSweeney presents a collection of heartfelt vignettes from authors who communicate the importance of the unique relationships between mothers and their children, between granddaughters and grandmothers and between children and the mother-figures in their lives.

These stories tell of the power of faith, prayer, and values, exploring coming of age, the joy of becoming a mother, the importance of motherhood, the ways to heal from a bad relationship with a mother and weathering the death of a special loved one. Poignant and thought-provoking, the stories serve to inspire, encourage, instill hope, and strengthen faith.

The proceeds from the sale of Mother of Pearl will be donated to organizations helping struggling women and children. The charities include Wings (Women in Need Growing Stronger) to help fund the Safe House in the Chicago suburbs and to Hands of Hope to help build wells for schoolchildren in Zambia.

Meet Margaret:

Margaret McSweeney is a well-published author often writing online articles for Make It Better (the former North Shore Magazine) and freelance articles for the Daily Herald, the largest suburban Chicago newspaper. In addition, she has authored and compiled several books including A Mother’s Heart Knows; Go Back and Be Happy; Pearl Girls: Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace, Mother of Pearl and Aftermath.

With a master’s degree from the University of South Carolina in international business, Margaret became a vice-president in the corporate finance division of a New York City bank and worked there 1986–93.

As founder of Pearl Girls, Margaret collaborates with other writers on projects to help fund a safe house for WINGS, an organization that helps women and their children who are victims of domestic violence, and to build wells for schoolchildren in Uganda through Hands of Hope. For the past 10 years she has served on the board of directors and leadership advisory board for WINGS. Margaret lives with her husband and 2 daughters in the Chicago suburbs.

My Opinion:

This book is amazing – I never thought I’d be a mom but the day that my first daughter was placed in my arms, it was just – WOW!  I didn’t become a mom that day though, I became a mom the moment in January 2001 and then grieved my lost child in February 2001 – my arms never felt so empty as they did at that moment.  There are so many emotions as a mom, at times it’s exhausting and those that aren’t moms simply can’t understand the gamut of emotions that go low and go high – as if you’re on a roller coaster day and night.  Whether it’s grief at losing a child or the elation that comes from holding the new baby – to seeing their first steps, hearing them read their first book – being a mom is something other worldly.

What I liked about this book is it doesn’t sugar coat motherhood, being a mom is hard and some days, well some days I’d like to be an ostrich! But it’s also a wonderful, fulfilling and just so awe inspiring.  Reading this book was like sitting around with a bunch of friends, and in actuality I felt like I knew most of these women from having read many of their books, and talking about being a mom.  I loved the stories about Grandmas and Great-Grandmas – I’m not rushing my children to grow up but I love my memories of my Grandparents and I miss not having been able to learn more at my godly Great-Grandma’s knee growing up – I look forward to being a Grandma.  You’ll shed some tears, tears of joy, tears of sadness and tears of remembrance and most of all you’ll feel understood.

**Disclaimer:  I was provided an e-copy of this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.

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Margaret McSweeney’s Mother of Pearl Facebook Party! {9/4} RSVP today.

To celebrate the release of Mother of Pearl: Luminous Lessons and Iridescent Faith I’m hosting an evening of chat, laughter, and encouragement on Facebook!

I’ve invited the Pearl Girl contributors to join us on the evening of September 4th. I’d be so honored if you’d come too!

We’ll be giving away a ton of fun stuff {books, gift certificates and a Beautiful Pearl Necklace set}.

Mother of Pearl celebrates the collective iridescence of motherhood. We’ll gather to connect, be encouraged and make some new friends!

So RSVP today and then come back on September 4th (at 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, and 8pm Eastern) and join us for the “Pearl” party. Let’s share our stories and encourage one another.

We’ll also have an update from the charities involved with Pearl Girls, Wings and Hands of Hope.

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