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Litfuse Tour: Live to Give by Austin Gutwein (contest info. included)

on August 22, 2012

About the Book:

Want to do something for God but don’t know what? Want to help others but don’t know who? Want to know what it is you’re really good at doing? Your gifts may feel small and insignificant. But God can use them to work a miracle!

Inspired by the biblical story of the feeding of the 5,000, “Live to Give” delivers a message of hope that we all have something to give. Written in the down-to-earth, candid voice of the gifted young man who as a kid founded a relief ministry that has saved and improved countless lives in Africa, “Live to Give” is the message that every teen needs to hear: You are more special than you know, and you can do big things.

Jesus proved that no gift is too small when He used five loaves and two fish to feed a crowd of thousands. And if no gift is too small, too ordinary, or too random, there is no limit to what the youth of today can accomplish!

A teenage philanthropist who has built a high school, two medical clinics, and a dormitory in Africa—all before the age of 16—Austin Gutwein shares how to take what may seem like the simplest of talents, gifts, and interests and use them for something Jesus can use to move mountains.

You can buy the book at Thomas Nelson.

About the Author:

As founder of Hoops of Hope, Austin started what is now known as the worlds largest Free-Throw marathon. Austin’s Hoops of Hope has raised more than $2.5M to help orphan children in Africa. Austin also serves as Co-Chair of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s Youth Council. As a highly sought after speaker, Austin has spoken and shared his heart in venues around the world. In 2009, Austin was selected into the Caring Hall of Fame as one of the top 10 most caring Americans.

Austin’s first book, “Take Your Best Shot” shared stories that captured readers hearts and won a Moonbeam Award. For information on booking Austin or general inquiries, please visit

My Opinion:

If you’re an adult reading this prepare to have your eyes opened – especially if you’ve become complacent in your life.  To know that a 9 year old started his own charity and has gone on to much bigger things all in the name of serving the Lord makes me feel – well small.  I’m going to make sure that my 10 year old reads this book as she always wanted to open up a ‘free’ grocery store, her idea is that “poor” people could shop like the rest of us without feeling embarrassed by not having money.  Suffice to say my children want to make a difference and their heart is with the less fortunate in our community – where as mine has always laid in China and Africa.

I really liked the fact that Austin made sure that the teen reading this learns how to discover their spiritual gifts and he wasn’t shy about what is a spiritual gift.  Recommending the child first go to their parent (assuming that the child’s parent(s) are Christians) and then to others like the Pastor and other trusted adult friends and/or family.  The only thing I found myself disagreeing with was his take on bullying – bullies are bullies and while some victims may be those who do service acts – not all are.  I was bullied in middle school (I did do candy striping) but as it continued into high school and I was no longer volunteering time and around a new set of peers it had nothing to do with my service.  Bullying is a complex problem and can’t be discussed or solved in one chapter – and most people feel that getting an adult involved will solve or help the situation when most of the time, it makes it worse.

Whether your child already has a heart for serving others or hasn’t yet discovered what they think they can do this book will help you and them discover how to be of service to others like Jesus served.  It doesn’t have to big like starting a charity, it can be small, buying a meal for a homeless person or go big and get the family involved in an overseas mission trip.  This book will be a starting point for the teen who wants to know how to serve instead of being served.

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**Disclaimer:  I was given an e-copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for giving my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.



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