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TOS Crew: Math 911

on September 12, 2012


Vendor Name:   Math 911

Vendor ContactContact Professor Weissman

Name of Product:   Math 911

Price:  Introductory Algebra is free; the whole Math 911 program is $49.99 (there is a special, limited time offer on the Math 911 homepage)

Age/Grade Range:  12 and up

Math – the first thing I think when I hear ‘math’, is NO!!!!!

I hated math and some days I still do, but I’ve realized it can also be fun.  In high school I tested at only an eighth grade level!  In college I earned my second A (the first was when I was in fifth and promised a pet cat if I earned an A – I did for one quarter) in developmental math.  I never took Algebra, Calculus or Trigonometry – and I’m okay with that, however I’d like to be a little more well versed in how to learn it so I can teach it when I need to do so.

Enter Math 911.  If I had had this in school then I might have been less scared of math or maybe not.  Technically this program is to be used with students aged 12 and up or who are ready for Introductory Algebra but I have neither and I wanted to give it a go myself – so I was given a chance to try it out.  There are no fancy game gimmicks – you’re not going to jump to another level or bash an opponent – you’re going to learn the how and why of solving mathematical equations.

Downloading and running the program is easy and went smoothly as did opening it to use.  The only thing I didn’t like was when switching between a course, it had to shut the program down, and then you re-open it – so that is tedious if you switch between programs numerous times.  I had fun figuring out the problems, which is quite a feat for me to say – and if I couldn’t figure it out all I had to do was click on help and I’d get a step by step explanation on how that problem is solved – once I figured out a problem I actually felt very happy with myself and I think my husband was surprised that I was enjoying myself.

I can’t say how this would work with an actual student, you can read about other homeschooling parents and how it worked for their older students by visiting the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog, but I can say that for an adult who has a fear of math this is something I will enjoy using now and in the future.  I like that I can see my grades and can print them or send them to Word – great for an older student who wants something extra in their portfolio.  Overall, I liked it, with no silly distractions like some educational programs, this one fits the bill for no frills but high on educational and teaching value!

**Disclaimer:  As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.




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