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What homeschoolers do when everyone else is in school….

on September 12, 2012

Well schools are back in session and so that means we get to enjoy museums, parks, libraries and such without the hassle of crowds and naughty children (I say that only in half jest).  Since we took the week off and my mom had a vacation we took off yesterday to the state of Indiana and went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.


This place is HUGE – 4 levels of educational stuff wrapped up in fun and exercise.  All three of my children fell asleep at some point on the two hour drive back home.  You can read about our first trip on the post titled “Our Trip to Indianapolis”  We took in some areas that we didn’t get to the last time and the traveling exhibit was for Hot Wheels.


Here come the dinosaurs!!!!


The children and I in front of a replica of the Hot Wheels storage case.


Two of the children in front of a real life, actual working car made after the Bone Shaker (?) Hot Wheels car.


And they’re off…….


Grandma (my mom) with the children on a construction vehicle that the children were ‘driving’.




Hi! Ho! Silver Away! Okay the horse’s name was really Sandy.


Giddyup! Cowgirl!


There was a very well done exhibit on Ruby Bridges, Anne Frank and Ryan White.  There are live shows that are included, we didn’t get a chance to watch those but did watch the light and sound show of Ruby Bridges and while Christian and Bethanne didn’t totally understand integration and segregation it was well done and safe for all audiences.


We enjoyed a nice lunch and my mom blessed me with a Christmas ornament with the museum’s picture on it as well as a calligraphy set.  We’re looking forward to maybe going back next month – during the week.











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