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TOS Crew: Marshall Publishing; Lots & Lots of Penguins

on September 17, 2012

Vendor Name:   Marshall Publishing

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Name of Product:   Lots and Lots of Penguins and their happy feet

Price:  2 DVD set + bonus DVD for $19.95

Age/Grade Range:  all ages

I have a child who is a huge penguin fan – the fascination with penguins began when she was just 2 1/2 so it’s been going on for awhile and I had the chance to review Lots and Lots of Penguins from Marshall Publishing so my daughter was thrilled!  Marshall Publishing puts out DVDs, CDs and books that are educational and fun at the same time – and at relatively great prices.  For this review I received the bundle of 2 DVDs plus the bonus, the set included Playful Penguins and their To-Tapping Feet,  Penguins in the Wild and the bonus DVD of Party Like a Penguin.

I didn’t do any planned educational activities with these DVDs just put them in and let my children enjoy them – the only one who really sat and watched was my penguin fascinated daughter though.  The Playful Penguins DVD runs 75 minutes and is filled with both animation and real life footage of penguins.  If you think penguins only live in cold climates, think again, some live in South America and Australia.  You and you’re child will enjoying learning more about the Little Blue, Rockhopper, Emperor and more and also be able to learn how to identify their calls – if you should ever run into one on your travels!

The fun songs had my daughter spinning along as the songs put a great educational time in a way that some children can’t help but learn – through memorizing songs.  The animations were quite silly and had both daughter and I laughing along but held our attention as we watched their antics play on.  Along with penguins there are some other wild animals that will appear on screen so keep your eyes open and be prepared to learn more than you ever thought possible about penguins.

Penguins in the Wild run 50 minutes and I have to say that neither my children or I particularly just sat and watched this DVD.  I put it in and let it play as we cleaned or read.  The reason for this was we just didn’t like the way it was filmed – this is the DVD that has no music it’s just the cameramen filming penguins in the wild being penguins.  I could hear quite a bit of talking, between the crew and that sort of threw off my attention from the beautiful footage of the penguins.  I don’t mind talking per se but  since it was just supposed to be the filming and watching of the penguins and hearing whispering really detracted.  I tried muting the T.V. volume but then of course you miss out on listening to the nature sounds as well.  I would have liked this DVD more if the talking had been edited out – but it does a number of penguins like the Adlie, Gentoo, Royal and more so if you can overlook the talking then this is a great in real life look at penguins.

Overall, this bundle is a great value and my children, especially my penguin extraordinaire will continue to watch them and I’m considering doing a unit study later on in our school year and having the DVDs go along with the study to really bring it to life.  If you’re child enjoys penguins or your looking for away to bring penguins home to them then this is a great way to do so, with it being a low price of $19.95 and you get 2 DVDs plus the bonus this is a fun and wonderful way to bring an educational experience alive for your family!

**Disclaimer:  As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.




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