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CWA: Growing Great Kids by Kate Battistelli

on September 23, 2012

About the Book:

Successful adults don’t happen by accident. It takes wisdom to raise your children with a strong sense of their destiny in God and a deep knowledge of their gifts and callings.
In Growing Great Kids, Kate Battistelli shares what she and her husband, Mike, learned about parenting during the journey of raising their daughter—Dove Award–winning recording artist Francesca Battistelli. Using anecdotes to illustrate the insights she and her husband gained, she provides practical advice including:
  • How to dream God’s big dream for your child
  • The value of humility and integrity
  • How to interpret God’s seasons in a child’s life
  • The power of a parent’s words, and more

About Kate Battistelli:

Kate Battistelli is a wife, author, speaker, former Broadway actress, and mom to one of Christian music’s most celebrated new recording artists—Grammy-nominated, Christian contemporary singer-songwriter Francesca Battistelli.

Kate currently volunteers at ESTHER Single Mothers Outreach and is thoroughly enjoying her newest role as grandmother to Francesca’s first child, Matthew Elijah.

My Opinion:

I was a little unsure when I first began this book – Kate Battistelli is the mom of Francesca (we love her music in our house) but I couldn’t help but think of the assumption, she is not going to have any idea what it takes to raise children if a family has more than one.  However, this book isn’t so much about raising children as it is about making sure they grow to love and serve the Lord – and it doesn’t matter if you have one or 20 children – this is something every godly parent can help another in.  So after I got over my “well you only one and I have three” mentatlity – I really dug into this book.

Kate relates that she knows there are differences in families with more than one child, and she also tells of how she and her husband struggled for years with not understanding why the Lord only gave them one – but again her book isn’t about discipline or telling moms of many children how to raise their children – it’s about relationship both within the parent and child bond and ultimately with the Lord.  I also enjoyed knowing that she is a veteran homeschooling mom, so she can relate to what it takes to be with your child 24 hours a day and being both parent and teacher.  Lately the Lord has been working on my heart in regards to my words – toward my children and husband.

In regards to that Chapter 2, The Power of a Parent’s Words, spoke greatly to me – it’s nothing in our house (as hubby and I also grew up with this) jokingly calling someone a goober or what have you.  Only as our children get older have they taken to telling us that it hurts their feelings and makes them feel bad themselves.  WOW!  Okay, so you can say the Lord has really been working on me – I take care not to call them stupid or to tell my son to quit crying because that makes him a sissy – but if I use terms even jokingly that can also tear them down and that doesn’t make strong children or adults all it does is make adults with lots of issues – I can’t control my husband but I can control my tongue.

If you are wanting some ideas on how to grow your children with a heart for the Lord then look no further than Growing Great Kids, if you have more than one and are thinking she can’t possibly know what it’s like, then please take my word for it that Kate does indeed have a lot to teach us moms regardless of the number of  children we have.  This is going to be a book that has a place on my bookshelf for a long time and something that I know I’ll be coming back to especially when I need some inspiration or to know where to turn in Scripture (as this book is chock full of Scripture).

**Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book through Christian Women Affiliate Review Crew, in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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