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How I travel….part 1

on September 23, 2012

I asked a question over at my Facebook wall and blog page about what my friends and readers would like to see me blog about and I had a response from a friend asking:

“I’d love to know how you manage to keep life “going” at home while still doing interesting things outside the home. Every time we are gone from our home (and it is rare that we are) I feel like the house falls apart :-).”

What I told her on my Facebook wall was that “I try to plan ahead like put a crock pot meal in or something quick and easy. I have the living room, kitchen etc cleaned up the night before. Do some laundry. Have the children clean their rooms etc. with a little planning it’s easy – I don’t always plan ahead and that creates problems.”

So first let me address something – I’m not perfect and sometimes I leave and the house is a complete disaster area and I’m sure my husband gets stressed when I leave it that way so I’ve learned to have some of the clutter cleaned but it doesn’t always work out.  I know we have a field trip coming up on a Friday in October so I’ll plan a slow cooker meal so that dinner can cook all day and the most I have to do is maybe heat up some veggies.  I also plan to have lunch ready to go, and some won’t agree with me but I use lunchables on field trip days – I throw them in the cooler pack our water bottles and we’re good.

Of course if slow cooker meals can’t be done – make up some freezer meals that can be pulled out and either thawed while you’re gone to bake when you get home or go directly from freezer to oven or stove top if it’s soup.  I love freezer meals and I need to make more up as it saved us money AND time.

I love my slow cooker, besides my coffee pot, it’s probably the most used appliance in my kitchen. If I had dual outlets in my kitchen I’d get another one.

No they aren’t healthy but if I had to sit and plan a healthy lunch we’d never go anywhere.  I figure one or twice a month lunchable lunches won’t hurt anyone especially if it saves my sanity.  It was so much easier when they were breastfeeding!  I can have my oldest pack our cooler while I’m getting myself and the other two motivated – this includes getting dressed, brushing teeth, socks, shoes, etc.

I try to get up early enough to wash the dishes, if I hadn’t done so the night before, so that all that is in the sink are breakfast dishes.  We don’t have a dishwasher so if dishes aren’t washed with five people, it adds us fast and looks bad.  I try to get one load of laundry in the dryer (I’ll turn it one when we get back) and another load ready to go in the washer for when we get home.  A quick pick of the living room and the house is presentable when hubby comes home for lunch – one thing I’ve learned in almost 12 years of marriage is my hubby hates (HATES) any mess, no matter how ‘small’ it is to me it’s HUGE to my hubby.

I make sure everyone knows when we need to leave, I give them, “in 15 minutes”, “in 10 minutes”, “okay 5 more minutes” they know that they need to go to the bathroom, grab a book or if it’s a long trip have their game system with them.  If you have little ones who need a visual reminder or can’t tell time a timer is a great resource and I love making use of my Time Timer.  Do I get stressed?  Yes.  Sometimes they put it off till the last minute or sit in the bathroom until it’s time to go – at that point I lock the door and meet them in the van.  All three of mine are old enough to pull the door closed behind them.

Of course I also make sure clothes and if it’s the season for tennis shoes, shoes and socks are laid out the night before.  If it’s a long trip I plan to have batteries checked so the children can bring the Nintendo DS or their Mobi-Go devices, and have those ready to go.  I also pack my bag and if we have to pack something, say swim suits, I pack those in my back pack and include headache medication, my cell phone, driver’s license, money, etc are all packed and if I can (if there is money in it I won’t do this) I’ll put it in the van the night before so it’s one less thing to have to grab the morning of.

I still sometimes get stressed but overall a bit of planning on my part makes things go smoother and easier and makes for an overall easier path for getting out of the house.

I’ll be addressing my friend’s other concern/question in part two of this post and if you, dear readers and friends, have questions or comments I’ll try to address those too.  If you have something you’d like to see my address in a blog post let me know 😀


3 responses to “How I travel….part 1

  1. Laraba says:

    Great ideas, Sarah! One overarching theme is to plan ahead the night before and that’s where I’ve gone wrong. I am often tearing around in the morning trying to get things organized and that is BAD.

    Re lunchables oh yeah, I’m totally with you. A few times a month isn’t a big deal.

    We don’t eat out as a family much at all because it would be very expensive AND the thought of 8 kids in a restaurant is overwhelming to me. So…lunch away from home is tough. I need to think about options.

    Thanks again!

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