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How I travel….part 2

on September 24, 2012

Did you read How I travel…part 1? If not go jump over there and read that one first.


So my same friend who asked the question also asked this one:


“I think a part of the whole question has to do with leaving the house and getting back, too. Part of our struggle is that transitions tend to be tough. When we leave, we are getting everyone to use the bathroom and put on shoes (which may have walked off somewhere) and I get stressed out. Coming back is worse as if it is a longish trip, we usually need a meal RIGHT THEN and everyone is hungry and a little crabby. And I don’t do great with having the house in good shape when I leave. This is helpful as it makes me realize why I rather dread going somewhere with the kids.”


So I’ll reiterate, plan, plan and plan some more.  I’ve never been much of a planning person, and I’m still not.  You won’t see an hour by hour schedule in my house – my theory is if it gets done, great – if not there is always tomorrow.  I guess there is a little Scarlett O’Hara in me still.


With children, if you expect to get out and do something then you have to at least plan for that day.  For us field trips, visits to museums, friends, family and such all require some planning so that the day of can go as smoothly as possible.  Just because one plans doesn’t mean that someone won’t lose a sock at the last minute or won’t need to go potty at the last second and after you’ve closed and locked the door!  You’re aiming to make things smooth, not perfect.


I know, we moms want things perfect and honestly that just adds to the stress, which then makes anger (or some other negative reaction) come to the surface.  One thing we’ve done, is buy an over the door shoe organizer, they are inexpensive at the dollar stores – no more tubs or piles of shoes – each is matched up and ready to go.


Okay, so you’ve read how I do things and figured out how to get yourself and your children out of the house now what happens when you return home?  You’ve got crabby, hungry and tired children?  Like my friend, my children are usually hungry right as we walk in the door and they are crabby (tired? so I pray they fall asleep on the way home).  Again it comes to planning.


If you know that your child is hungry when you get home from a trip, whether it’s a field trip or a dr office visit – then plan for that.  You can do this the night before as well.  Cut up some celery (or carrots, or apples, etc), or make it easier (but more costly) and buy it precut.   Put them in a large storage bowl in the fridge or if your children are likely to fight over it make individual baggies with their names on it.  You could even get some reusable plastic, food safe mini bowls with lids and add some ranch or whatever dip they like.  If I haven’t preplanned and depending on how I’m feeling I even allow a small bowl of cereal with milk or even dry cereal (okay, someone is probably thinking you just gave them a lunchable and now you’re giving them cereal – that’s horrible!).


After everyone has something to snack on, because remember you’ve got dinner either in the crock pot, thawing in the fridge or ready for oven from the freezer – sit them down and turn on a movie or short cartoon (Netflix is great because I can control what it is) or even an educational DVD.  Turn on an audio book or something – get them settled and doing something quiet.  I know I too need to unwind and sort of decompress from an outing so I’ll grab a snack as well, make sure the house is decent before hubby comes home, let the dogs out and sit and chill with the children for a few.


So, again, I don’t do it right all the time, I do what I can and leave the rest and try to cover things to make sure hubby is happy and I can leave without stress.  I’m also not above stopping for a frappe for me and small fries for the children if they are starving.



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  2. Laraba says:

    Wonderful! I especially like the shoe organizer idea. That would help a lot with shoes if we can convince the toddler to stop wandering off with various shoes :-).

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