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Ohio Caverns

on September 25, 2012

I’ve been wanting to take my children to see Ohio Caverns – I loved it as a child – but my husband doesn’t do caverns so I’ve put it off.  The other day, September 14th, we were able to work it out so we could go with a friend. We didn’t get the grand tour but the one we did take was still fascinating and so awesome, the children thrilled at the colors and the bats flying over their heads.


One of the many un-excavated caves filled with mud.


The cave was first found in 1847 by a migrant teenager and many traveled it without it being excavated. There is a lot of graffiti including some, in pencil, from the first two ladies back in 1847! Still there, still legible.


The funny part here is the tour guide was like imagine traveling and crawling in mud to see the caves in long dresses.  I turned to my friend and told her the only thing I needed was the mud!


How awesome is God??? These beautiful colors made possible from all the different chemicals.


More color!


Stalactites and stalagmites.


One of the many bats


The four of us together – before it started raining.


My three and their friend in front of the mining station.


The caterpillar we found crawling on the van window as we were leaving – Christian and Hannah snapped some pictures. Does anyone know what kind it is?



We concluded the day by having lunch and letting them play on some playground equipment that was there, then swing by a historic church called Mount Tabor Methodist Episcopal Church and cemetery.  We drove up into the cemetery but it’s not really made for modern vehicles so while we could get on to the property getting out was, difficult. The church is beautiful and I’d love to visit it again or even plan a field trip to it – the history there is more than likely very fascinating.



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