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Sisters Gourmet

on September 25, 2012

In 1995, two sisters took their love of baking and turned it into a company providing others with a way to bake fresh, homemade goodies – without having to gather, measure, mix it all themselves.   So Sisters Gourmet was born and they’ve been “baking a difference” since then.  Cookies, brownies, Christmas baking or everyday gourmet you’ll have your worked cut out for you as you try to decide which item or items you want to give to your family.

The cookies are delicious and bake up nice and crispy and are a delicious treat, all you need to add is the butter, eggs, water and depending on the sweet maybe vanilla or syrup – it’s almost anything that most  of us already have on hand and makes it all that more simple.  Imagine your child’s surprise when they get to help you back but you won’t have a huge mess (I recognize sometimes it’s the mess that makes it fun but sometimes not) to clean up afterwards and you can just enjoy your baking.

The mixes come in beautiful, reusable jars and if you buy say, Christmas they are decorated for the holiday and are suitable for gift giving.  If you’re in a rush for a gift then this is a fast and simple but still thoughtful gift this will fit the bill – tuck it into a basket with a mixing spoon, bowl and apron and you’ll have a nice house warming gift.  I would love to try every single flavor option they have available and sink my teeth into some fudge-y brownies but even though these are delicious that might not be a good idea!

The next time I make these cookies (I haven’t tried the brownies) I wouldn’t add as much water – even though the dough was still stiff I should have left it alone because they spread out further, which the children liked, but they weren’t in the nice round cookie shape that I prefer.  Then again, its the taste and texture that counts and these were awesome and just like if I had spent the time measuring and mixing it all myself.

**Disclaimer:  I was provided some Sisters Gourmet products from Sisters Gourmet in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was provided.


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