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on September 28, 2012

My son has been in karate now for over a year.  My husband wants him to take a break in October – I want to see him continue.  The reason?  He doesn’t seem to pay attention however I know if he takes a month off anything that he has gained will be lost when he goes back in November.  He has two Kata’s and knows one but acts like he doesn’t so it’s frustrating to my husband who takes him every week, twice a week while I take our daughters to dance.  I’m thinking of asking hubby if I take him and he picks up daughters from dance class, if he can continue.  We’ll see.


Doing his Kata at a tournament on September 22, 2012. He didn’t place as he was too close to the judges and wouldn’t stand “on deck”.


Christian sparring at the tournament. He didn’t place, but I guess when you hear another mom telling her child to “get him!” at the top of her lungs it would be somewhat intimidating.




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