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Ant Farm

on October 7, 2012

I bought an Ant Farm.


A friend of mine has one and she must lift the lid every few days to let air in.  I didn’t want that.


I then contemplated an old fashioned one with sand but then realized you had to open it to let air, water and feed in – I REALLY didn’t want that.



So using a gift certificate my brother gave me for my birthday I found an Uncle Milton’s brand gel ant farm on Barnes and Noble’s website.  The gel is the food and water.  I don’t have to lift the lid for air as there are pre-drilled air holes and it also lights up!


Our ants seems to be thriving, three have died and it’s recommended to take them out but well I thought we’d see how ants ‘bury’ their dead, for now they just keep walking over their dead comrades.


Lit up ant farm – before putting the ants in.


Unlit, before the ants were added. I had to ‘start’ the tunnels by using a tool to make tunnels.


I’ll post some pictures later this week showing our ant’s tunneling process.


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