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Week 1 of being a ShapelyGirl! #shapelygirl

on October 7, 2012


I’m hoping that if you’re following my blog that you’ve read my first post: My new journey on feeling better and if you haven’t go ahead and read it first.  Well I was aiming to do my 3 times a week but unfortunately due to a family crisis was only able to get 2 times in, so I feel very bad about that!  So, my aim this week is to do it Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We have a field trip on Friday and my husband is off work tomorrow and I won’t exercise in front of him.


Can I just say that I really enjoy Shapely Girl Fitness?  Debra is very inspiring – while the DVD is of course pre-recorded I still feel in some way she is speaking directly to me.  While it’s low impact it’s far from easy.  With the Walking Fit and Fabulous it gets me moving and up – the first day I only managed a 1/2 hour then my second I got to a 38 minute workout.  I’m sweating after each workout and I make sure to have my water bottle filled to take sips through out.  There is one move that keeps throwing me but Debra has given me personal encouragement through the Facebook page.


I’m not measuring or weighing myself but I do feel sort of more energetic.  I made the mistake of not eating breakfast before working out the other day and became shaky so now I’m eating a light, protein filled breakfast with a coffee before staring and it made all the difference. Looking forward to getting my work out in this week and it should prepare me for our fossil hunting field trip on Friday!


I’d also like to throw in that my hubby is interested in using this DVD, even though it’s geared towards us plus sized gals he says that anything that can help him lose weight and get fit is worth it!


***Disclaimer:  As part of the CWA Blog Review Crew I received a copy of the DVD for the purposes of this review, no other compensation was given.


4 responses to “Week 1 of being a ShapelyGirl! #shapelygirl

  1. You are doing great. Doesn’t it seem like that family crisis throws the wrench into our plans all to often? I woke up with a migraine Friday. But I was determined and felt so much better after the workout. I am pray I g that this week is a better one for you sis.

    Pamela Rose

  2. Hi! I love that your husband wants to work out with you. You two can be an encouragement to each other & it sounds like he is going to be your motivator! I’m looking forward to reading your week 2 post! Would love to have you stop by GivingNSharing when you get a chance – I am sharing about how I am working around Fibromyalgia and I also share a specific prayer request to help me focus on it each week.

    Tina ‘the book lady’

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