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What Every Christian Ought to Know by Adrian Rogers with Steve Rogers

on October 12, 2012

About the Book:

What Every Christian Ought to Know provides readers with a well- organized, well-reasoned grasp of such topics as salvation, eternal security, prayer, the Holy Spirit, resisting temptation, finding God’s will, as well as the authority of the Bible and how to understand it better. A valuable volume for new Christians and young disciples, it’s also a suitably instructive resource for believers of all ages.

This new edition includes an introduction from Steve Rogers, president of the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute, plus discussion questions for personal reflection or group study.

My Opinion:

In today’s world where Christian can mean whatever one wants it to mean, real Christian’s must be able to be distinguished from the world and those who claim Christianity in name only.  There are some things that Christians must know, that are Biblical truths, that other ‘feel good’ churches want to dismiss because they make others uncomfortable.  I think the two chapters that really spoke to me were on eternal salvation and baptism – these are two big issues in my family with me on one side, knowing where I’m going when I die and that baptism by immersion is a Biblical mandate but not having my husband agree with me.



The one thing I would have liked to see included would have been every Christian ought to know that Hell and Heaven are real, as this is becoming a divisive issue in many churches today.  Among other subjects covered there is the Bible is the Word of God, how to handle temptation, how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and others.  This is a good starting point for new Christians or those who have been Christians for awhile but still are on sure footing with their faith.  The authors don’t beat around the bush however it’s written in a friendly style and I even sometimes found myself chuckling out loud by some random thought the authors included.  I’d say this one is a must read for every Christian who is a Christian or who wants to be stronger in their faith.



**Disclaimer:  I was provided a copy of this book through B&B Media in exchange for my own opinion, no other compensation was given.


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