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Disappointing results for Week 3 #shapelygirl

on October 23, 2012



My title may be misleading – it’s not disappointment in the ShapelyGirl Fitness DVD but more in myself.


I was only able to work out once last week – once!  If you read Week 2 you’ll see that I wanted to increase my workout length as well as how many days I did it in a week.  Well I began to have some sinus issues on Monday and then on Tuesday I had a killer migraine (redundant I know) which even my husband had to stay home because I couldn’t keep any food down.  Wednesday was spent recovering and Thursday my oldest daughter wasn’t feeling well and my sinus symptoms were getting worse.  Friday and into Sunday it felt like I had cotton stuffed in my ears and like my head was under so much pressure it would pop!


Today revealed that I have a double ear infection on top of a sinus infection.  My dr was also worried because my lungs weren’t clear and she’s afraid of a repeat of pneumonia like I had two years ago.  I’m now on a mega antibiotic and out of my probiotic.  Anyway, that means not much working out has been going on.  Part of me knows that humans get sick, I’m a human but I also can’t feel that this is also an attack on Satan’s part to keep me from making my temple stronger and healthier.


I feel like I’ve disappointed the other ladies on the Crew but I also know that even mom’s get sick and our bodies don’t know that we’re under a dead line in regards to what we’re supposed to be doing in using the DVD 3 times a week.  Well as of tomorrow I do plan on getting up and getting moving – if I’m feeling okay enough of course it’s going to be a short workout – one of the pre-mixes instead of my goal of working up to the 50 minute workout.


I’m linked up with other ladies in the Crew at Marine Corps Nomads.


**Disclaimer:  As part of the CWA Blog Review Crew I received a copy of the DVD for the purposes of this review, no other compensation was given.


4 responses to “Disappointing results for Week 3 #shapelygirl

  1. Becky Ritta says:

    Sarah, I think a lot of us had discouraging weeks. The important thing is to keep fighting for your health! And if that means taking a few days off the dvd in order to heal, that’s what you need to do. I’ll be praying that you get better quickly!

  2. Laraba says:

    I agree with Becky. You need to let your body recover and not give up. I know I said in a previous comment that I too want to start exercising regularly…well, I got sick with a virus 2 weeks ago and while I think I am over it, I’ve been having mild asthma for the last week. I really can’t exercise hard with asthma so I haven’t done much. Sigh. But I need to let my body recover, and so do you. I hope you feel 100% better soon!

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