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Motorcyles, butterflies, and fossils! Oh My!

on October 28, 2012

Last Sunday, we were on our way to grab a few items from the grocery and saw people lining the streets and were thinking it was probably a motorcade for some politician.  I got hubby to stop and ask and we were told it was the Toys for Tots run, so we stayed.  It was actually for the Salvation Army toy run but regardless it was fun.  There were over 1,900 motorcycles and to my son and middle DD’s delight, some even threw out candy.

Some of the bikers.

All the bikes coming down the street.

Our two surviving caterpillars made their chrysalis and one emerged the other day.  It was neat to see him come out, at this point the children are a bit disappointed as he isn’t flying and the other one still has yet to emerge and we’re beginning to wonder if it ever will.

One of our butterfly’s that newly emerged.

We’ve been wondering why our butterfly wasn’t flying and upon closer inspection we noticed that part of it’s wings are missing 😦

On October 12th we took a field trip to a local creek bed that has lots of fossils.  The children enjoyed it and it was neat to be able to walk where once the Great Deluge waters once were and know that God left these behind for us to use for our knowledge.

My middle and her best friend and my oldest with her best friend. It was VERY cold and windy out!

Christian starting out on his fossil hunt.


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