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TOS Crew: Samson’s Classroom

on October 28, 2012

I’d like to introduce you to Samson’s Classroom that is geared for grades K through 5 and encompasses sight words, reading and spelling.  Samson’s Classroom is an “umbrella” product which means you’ll have access to all the products and your child will get a lot of practice for each area all without having to leave to go to another website.   Samson is a cute dog that will appeal to both boys and girls as they go through the learning process.

With sight words children will learn 224 commonly used words in the English language.  In spelling with Samson there are 5,o00 and going words included for this area and children will better improve their spelling skills.  Finally, in reading with Samson each child will read a passage of text and answer questions that pertains to that text to establish reading proficiency.   They will earn different prizes depending on what area they are in, such as for reading the child will earn hammer swings which they use to earn hammer points competing for a space in the top 5.

The two favorite of all three of my children were the sight words and reading.  In the sight words area they work through one of 4 levels, each level has seven lists of sight words in varying degrees of difficulty.  Within each level there are 5 areas to be completed such as: learn words where the words are said and spelled, build words where the words are said and the child must spell by clicking on the right letter in the right order, identify words several words are given and the correct one must be given, quiz, and treasure hunt challenge where for each one correct the child earns a jewel.

I used this to reinforce what were already doing in our current studies although my oldest daughter who is in 5th grade found the reading selections too easy as well as the sight and spelling words.  However, my non-reading son and middle daughter found each area to be challenging that I felt that they were learning.  My only issue with the site is that since most children aren’t proficiently reading in kindergarten that the reading area for the lowest level should have the ability to turn on or off voice so that a non-reading child can hear the passage and still answer questions regarding the passage.

If you think this is just a fun educational game there is more to it than that – in the resource area under sight words parents and children can find lesson plans that go along with the lists such as flashcards, bingo, kaboom, recall and more games that make learning fun and get the parent involved.  There are printable PDF documents that will also add a worksheet flair for those students who like and learn from seat work – and as a way for the parent to document progress.  Finally, there is the toolbox which has more printable sheets geared to the parent such as a manual grade-book, word lists and awards.

Even though my children didn’t prefer to play the spelling area I had them try it so I knew what it was about.  You, the parent, can make lists for your child if you want them to have lists that are based on current studies you are doing or you can chose the random lists based on the site generated lists.  There are four games for each list like, the study area which helps the child to master the list.  It will open a list and then the child clicks on it and can have it spelled, said and used in a sentence.  The next game, which was my son’s favorite, is missing letters where Samson karate chops his way through the list, then there is spelling scramble where the word has to be spelled while avoiding a tarantula (we couldn’t get this game to work on our computer but from watching it it appears fun).  Lastly, there is the game crunch time where your child has to avoid Wally the Walrus and keep Samson dry and is especially fun to do.

My children, at least the younger two, are still asking to play Samson’s Classroom and I think that is great!  I’m hoping as my son learns more of his phonics rules he’ll be able to play on his own but for now I have to help him and explain certain areas that don’t quite make sense just yet.  Samson’s Classroom offers a variety of pricing options, which is great for a family who may only need it for one child ($30.00 per year) or has multiple children who could use it ($50.00 per year for up to 4 students) and even a classroom option and more.

If you’d like to see what other homeschool parents thought about Samson’s Classroom visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.

****Disclaimer:  As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.



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