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2012 Gratitude Challenge – November 6th

on November 7, 2012

I’m thankful for Netflix.

Yes, that way I can avoid the coverage of the on going election reports.   I don’t need to watch as things will either get worse or get better – and whatever the outcome the Lord has it in His control so constant coverage can only aid in dissension, arguments and stress – all of which I and other Christian’s really don’t need.


I’ll admit it – I could not vote for either candidate – a vote for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil and the Lord has told us in His Word that light has no business with darkness.  I have other views that go deeper but that is the basics of it, I’m not going to argue and I’ve been called a lot of things, un-patriotic, un-American, some have even said I’m neglecting my Christian duty.  My Christian duty is to obey the Lord and no where in Scripture is there a command that I must vote or partake in politics.

That being said my husband did request I vote on a local issue concerning his job – so I did vote yes on that even though it would mean a slight tax increase.  He, his co-workers and their served population need the levy to pass, right now it is failing.  Will my husband be able to retire in 7 years?

So anyway, that’s that and I’m thankful for Netflix!


One response to “2012 Gratitude Challenge – November 6th

  1. Laraba says:

    I totally respect your decision not to vote. We did vote, as you know, but we felt that we could vote for the Republican in spite of some serious concerns about him. I can definitely imagine having 2 candidates who were both so “off” that we couldn’t in conscience vote for either.

    I pray the Lord will guide and protect our country.

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