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Still LoLo by Lauren Scruggs, the Scruggs Family and Marcus Brotherton

on November 28, 2012

About the Book:

In December 2011, Lauren (“LoLo”) Scruggs, a 23-year-old fashion journalist, suffered a sudden injury that made headlines around the world. She had been on a short flight to look at Christmas lights and, upon exiting the small plane, was hit by the still-moving propeller blade. A frantic 911 call, several major surgeries, and thousands of prayers later: Lauren lived. But she lost her left hand and left eye. And she had to face some incredibly difficult questions: What kind of future will I have? Where is God in all this pain? Will anyone ever be able to love me now? In Still LoLo, Lauren speaks out for the first time since her accident. She and her family reveal what really happened that night, what Lauren’s life is like today, what got them through their journey toward healing, and how they conquered all odds to persevere as a family. It’s a compelling and fiercely beautiful story of faith, determination, and staying true to who you are—no matter what.


About Lauren Scruggs:

Lauren Scruggs is a fashion journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief of LOLO Magazine, an online lifestyle experience magazine that integrates coverage of the food, fashion, beauty, health, and travel industries. She has served as a contributing editor at, SMUStyle, and PR Couture. A 2009 Dallas Baptist University graduate, Lauren has worked in the Michael Kors showroom and reported from New York, Paris, and Montreal Fashion Weeks. She was an intern in the fashion department of the television series Gossip Girl. See her magazine at:


My Opinion:


I remember hearing about the accident that sent Lauren Scruggs to the hospital, I remember thinking how bad I felt for her but I didn’t remember her name except that she was some super model who had been badly injured.  Enter the book, Still Lolo, which I have had the chance to devour review through Tyndale – and now I feel like I know so much more than what the news had been reporting for days after.  I couldn’t imagine having gone through the injuries that Lauren did – losing my arm, my eye and having a traumatic brain injury.  When reading her parent’s account in the book, I welled up with tears, their emotion can through so strong and so poignantly that it felt like I could feel their pain, their emotions – I kept thinking what if it were one of my children?


At first I thought this was going to be a book on a woman looking for pity or a family looking for more publicity but it wasn’t that at all – their faith is alive and comes alive.  I may not enjoy or understand fashion or understand why others do but Lauren’s passion comes through on the pages of her book.  She set the record straight on what happened that night – including the fact that she was not nor has she ever been a supermodel.  This book was inspiring and full of hope, if your suffering from a physical deformity or something less visible, Lauren’s story will speak to you, she will show you that you can go on – that there is hope.


There were many hurtful words hurled at Lauren in the days after the accident – some assumed she did it on purpose or was messing around with a phone and not paying attention, I too was guilty of this but after having a detailed description of how something like this can happen and has happened before to others, it’s much more understandable how it happened.  I have to admit I had the same thoughts hurled at me when I injured myself on my ship in the Navy – it hurts especially when the insults and accusation aren’t true and I’m so glad that Lauren wrote this so that the record can be set straight and others can know of the hope that sustains Lauren and her family.


**Disclaimer:  I was given a copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for posting my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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