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Snuggles’ Japanese Alps Adventures by Tim Ostermeyer

on December 6, 2012

About the book:

Snuggles is a cute 1 month old snow monkey who decides to plan ahead to make sure that he will be warm for the winter.  He plans to travel throughout the jungles of the  Japanese alps to get to the Japanese hot springs.  He has to go thru many obstacles on the trip, climbing mountains, climbing tree branches, jumping over rivers, etc.   Will Snuggle’s get to the hot springs before the big storms of winter arrive?  This is a Christian book that has 10 bible verses, a lesson on how to pray, and evidence showing how the 6 forms of evolution are all scientifically incorrect.  The lesson from this book is on planning (some people ruin their lives by not planning correctly).

My Opinion:

This is one of the cutest children’s books I’ve seen in a long while – the 40 beautiful full color pages that go through the book are pictures taken by the author and capture the beautiful Japanese snow monkey called Snuggles in the book.  The book begins with Snuggles and his mom and goes through as they travel to their winter spot in a hot springs, where all the monkeys go – but if they don’t leave in time they won’t make it through the winter.  Packed with Scripture that relates to the book and story it’s a wonderful way to get God’s Word in while reading with your children.

Also through out the book are facts, 100 facts in total, that teach about the Japanese Snow monkeys, the Japanese Alps as well as why certain types of evolution have been proven false.  If you didn’t know that Japanese snow monkeys only number 150,000 or that the Japanese Alps are considered the Switzerland of the Orient or what punctuated equilibrium evolution is then this book will tell you and more.  It’s a great children’s book, but it’s even more than that – it’s a teaching tool for both adults and children – I learned interesting facts as I read this book aloud to my children.

My son really enjoyed it and my middle daughter wants to get the penguin book next – but she wants anything to do with penguins.  If your child is fascinated by animals, as most are then this book would make a great gift idea including older children who could use the book as a springboard to do more research into these beautiful monkeys and the environment they live in.


You can purchase the book at Amazon or at Fun Adventure Wildlife Books.


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