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Tyndale Rewards – Earn Free books and Bibles!

on December 6, 2012


If you’re like me, and love to read books, then you’ll want to know about Tyndale Rewards.  You can earn points by doing several things like:

  • inviting a friend to join once you’ve joined
  • sign up for devotionals and e-newsletters
  • points for Tyndale books you review on Amazon, CBD, etc
  • joining the focus group
  • and more

It doesn’t take long to write a review of a book that you’ve read that Tyndale puts out and you can earn up to 50 points a month (10 per book) that adds up to your points.  You can choose a free Bible with points starting at 65 and going up to 250, Audio, children and youth books, parenting, fiction and non-fiction – all as you earn points.

I’m saving up for one of the Bibles, I love having different translations to compare as I study the Bible and free is a great price and all it takes is some reading and a few minutes to write a review.  Head over to Tyndale Rewards and you can use my code to sign up by going to Tyndale Rewards and start earning now!


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