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Made in Heaven: Man’s Indiscriminate Stealing of God’s Amazing Design by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto

on December 8, 2012

About the book:

Science shamelessly steals from God’s creation, yet refuses to give God the glory!

  • How the glow of a cat’s eyes innovates road reflectors
  • The naturally sticky inspirations for Velcro and barbed wire
  • A fly’s ear, the lizard’s foot, the moth’s eye, and other natural examples are inspiring improvements and new technologies in our lives

Engineers and inventors have long examined God’s creation to understand and copy complex, proven mechanics of design in the science known as biomimicry. Much of this inspiration is increasingly drawn from amazing aspects of nature, including insects to plants to man in search of wisdom and insight. We are surrounded daily by scientific advancements that have become everyday items, simply because man is copying from God’s incredible creation, without acknowledging the Creator.

My Opinion:


It’s my pleasure to introduce you to one of the newer books published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group and written by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey SetoMade in Heaven is a book that is small but definitely filled with a lot of information in it’s 64 pages that makes it appear larger than it is.  A lot of this has been items that we’ve covered in our study of flying creatures this year in our science lessons and there are plants and other animals that we will learn about and we use God’s design in them for our daily lives.  One of the exciting things that I found in this book was to complement our studies of butterflies and the iridescence that some contain and what we have ‘stolen’ from the butterflies design will surprise you.


Bugs, fish, humans, and plants have something that we currently use in our lives to make them easier or to improve them – what about Velcro?  air conditioning?  healing power of our bodies?  This and more is covered in this fascinating book that will have the reader looking at God’s Creation in ways that we never considered all backed up with science and research – so it’s not just a Bible thing.  This book will be coming along side our studies in conjunction with our current science curricula because it will give us a little more in depth information, especially helpful for myself and my older children.  This is a fantastic book that will be instrumental in viewing God’s Creation in ways never thought of before.


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**Disclaimer:  I was provided a copy of this book from Master Books in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.



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