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(in)spired: Redeeming Christmas

on December 18, 2012



“Praise be to the Lord…Because He has come and has redeemed His people.”  Luke 1:68


The commercials begin in October……the “I wants” begin shortly there after…..


What is one to do?  How can we redeem Christmas from the ever furthering slope of materialism and humanism?


We have recently done away with Santa – our youngest has come to us and told us he no longer believes in Santa.  Whew!  The lie is over – it is VERY hard for Jesus to compete with Santa, who brings gifts, has flying reindeer and a bright sled – especially when they are so young.  I refused to lie so as each child came to me and asked me, “is Santa real, mom?”  I tell them no.


We’ve been asked, “what about the magic?”, “what about the fun?”.  What could be more magical than knowing that a loving, true God loves us so much that He sent His Son to earth as a human.


More magical than a young, virgin girl giving birth to the Saviour of the World?  Who is going to redeem us?


And fun?  Christmas isn’t meant to be fun – it’s a time of reflecting on Jesus who came as a babe and in just a few short years laid down His life to redeem us.  Take away our sins, our transgressions and eventually our hurts, pains, illness and tears.  Yes, presents are nice.  Looking at Christmas lights are pretty.  Decorating the tree and baking cookies – definitely fun (and delicious).  BUT….


we need to redeem Christmas for Christ the one who redeems us through His blood.  With the deletion of  Santa, I can put presents under our tree and I’ve noticed that it’s taken the focus off of  Santa and presents and put it on the One who deserves our focus, Our Redeemer.



**Disclaimer:  I was provided a Praise Be to the Lord pillow and Advent Tabletop Devotional for posting on my blog from Dayspring, no other compensation was given.


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