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Book review: “Our Choice: A Journey of Life and Faith” by Steven Atwood

on January 11, 2013


About the book:

Our Choice! A Journey of Life and Faith is an inspiring pro-life book filled with redemption, faith, and love. A Christian family is confronted with teenage pregnancy and the issue of abortion. It has good messages for every Christian teenage girl and boy. Senior year is finally here! Sarah has been dreaming about her last year at William Wallace High School all summer long. She was going to go to the best parties, drink with her friends, and, of course, the Senior Prom. Being a virgin and a senior in high school is tough. She dreamt about her first time with her mystery man throughout the summer. Her parents would never approve though. They believed in not having sex before your married. What could possibly happen if Sarah had sex only one time?


You can buy the book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in both e-book and paperback.


My Opinion:


I was very excited when the author approached me about reading and reviewing his book on my blog – it’s a timely pro-life message involving two teenagers who made a mistake once and are now faced with a teenage pregnancy.  However, I must say that I became surprised very fast at the language contained in the book there are many references to derogatory terms toward females – such as a technical term for a female dog, terms for a promiscuous girl among other cuss words and two female teachers who are involved in a homosexual relationship.


That being said, the people who use these words are in public school and it is common place to hear that language among students – and I know that the author was trying to portray the things that public school students face daily.  I’m also sure that there are angry pro-abortion, and homosexual teachers –  but I guess it wasn’t my expectation for this book being that it’s marketed to the Christian audience – most Christians know this exist but do we really need to read it in a work of fiction?  To me, no, it was not necessary and the point would have been made without the cussing and name calling.  Having the two female teachers who were gay, did add to the story line though, as they were both very much anti-man, pro-abortion (even going so far to get Sarah to an abortion clinic) and anti-Christian – it shows the lengths that some will go to in order to support their worldview, no matter how wrong it is.


My other issue is the secrets that are kept, not just between friends but between Sarah’s parents.  Sarah would tell one parent something and that parent would keep it from the other, creating a lot of problems that didn’t need to exist if only the parents would have told Sarah that they won’t keep secrets from one another.  I did enjoy the overall message of the book which is one of grace, forgiveness and redemption (I won’t give any spoilers but suffice to say that the young couple makes the right choice) but I feel I must caution those who would want to be warned about some of the content within.


I can’t see me giving my children this book to read, even if they were high school age, but then again I’m seeing this through the eyes of a homeschool parent whose children won’t encounter a lot of what goes on in this book.  That’s not saying the homeschoolers don’t get pregnant out of wedlock or don’t cuss, but normally it’s not as encountered in our circles as it would be if the children were in school.  Overall, it was eye opening and I can only pray that should my children ever be faced with a situation like this either themselves or a friend that they will feel freedom to tell us, ask for our help and we’d give them the grace that the Lord gave us.


**Disclaimer:  I was provided an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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