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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – January 11, 2013

on January 11, 2013

In my life this week:

Well not much – really, which is okay because sometimes I just need to not be busy.  I’ve been working on our 4H Club’s new year and getting things organized with my friend and fellow volunteer.  It’s also been easier now that my girls are in the same dance class so instead of running twice a week to dance it’s only one.

In our homeschool this week:

Things have gone quite well – it’s our first week back for 2013 and despite having to take Tuesday off and doing school today because of not feeling well it’s gone great.  We are in our last few weeks of Mystery of History Volume 2 and finished our first two lessons of Apologia’s Swimming Creatures.  We did a simple experiment to show air pressure which the children enjoyed.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share:

Take a day off if needed – you can always catch up later.  Spend the day reading, watching a documentary, listen to audio dramas or even just a cartoon.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:

The girls went to their Christian worship dance class, my son went to his twice weekly martial arts class.  Our neighbor stopped over briefly and the neighborhood boy wanted to play but we were in the middle of lessons.

My favorite thing this week was:

My husband giving me his arrived late anniversary gifts.  A beautiful necklace and an on the go charger for my gadgets.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was:

I think the air pressure experiment.

Things I’m working on:

Getting reviews done for EHO.  Reading books to review.  Researching writing curriculum for my daughters so I know what I need at convention.

I’m cooking:

whatever is in the freezer/cabinet.  Things are really tight right now so I’m trying to do what I can – hopefully in a couple weeks I can start implementing Nourishing Traditions on some level.

I’m grateful for:

Being alive!

I’m praying for:

Those who are misled to believe that murdering pre-born children is okay – whether the baby is only 1 week formed, 10 weeks, 30 weeks or even already born.  My heart breaks for the women and girls who think that is the only choice and the right choice.

I rewarded my children this week by:

Trying to make cookies although my cookie press seems to no longer work 😦 so all they got was cookie dough!  Taking my 8 year old to see Les Miserables on Saturday.

Something I’m ogling or have my eye on:

A new copy of Les Miserables – having seen the new movie and currently listening to the Focus on the Family audio has me wanting to re-read this classic book.

A photo to share:

A picture my 8 year old daughter drew for me on our white board.


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