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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – January 19, 2013

on January 19, 2013


In my life this week:


It’s been sort of busy.  I’ve been planning for our 1st 4-H meeting of the year and trying to get more people interested – our first meeting was yesterday (which is why this post is one day late!) and it went extremely well.  Mary, my friend and co-volunteer, planned a great project for the Cloverbuds which they will finish at the next meeting in February.  The first meeting is usually fairly boring because we have lots of new stuff to cover and business related issues however in the future I’m hoping we can keep the business meetings to about 20 minutes.


Of course, we also had the girl’s dance classes and my son’s martial arts – he’ll be testing for his next belt on February 12th!


In our homeschool this week:


Things are going well.  We completed a science experiment on which is heavier cold or hot water and we got the results that cold water is heavier and the children all enjoyed the hands-on science.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:


Dance class and martial arts and we got to meet some new people and children who came out to the 4-H meeting.  My oldest is going to a Dr. Who party at a near by library so she’ll get to meet some new children her age doing something that she enjoys.


My favorite thing this week was:


Our 4-H meeting, even though I was nervous at first it went very well and we have some very excited moms and children.


My kiddos favorite thing this week was:


Probably 4-H starting back up and the science experiment.


A photo to share:


On Wednesday and Thursday we had some beautiful sunsets, my son calls them strawberry sunsets, the sky turned a brilliant pink and I managed to grab a picture on Thursday – it wasn’t as pink as Wednesday’s but it was still so beautiful!



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