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Science – it’s fun!

on January 21, 2013

We started our second science of the school year this month!  We completed 100% of Flying Creatures and instead of letting a bunch of time elapse we are continuing on with Swimming Creatures.  I have to say I get excited when we complete a whole curricula because that didn’t and doesn’t happen in ‘real’ school.  I remember knowing there was something I wanted to study in school but we never got to it because the teacher’s had to teach to the test or there just wasn’t time because of everything else a teacher has to do.


We’ve finished the first lesson and are once again working in the Apologia notebooking journals as well.  I can’t say what a time saver and space saver the journals are!  At one time I was doing a lot of lapbooking but I began to run out of room and I hate to throw all that work in the trash so now when we do lapbooking I do it in a spiral bounded scrapbook or use the Apologia journals for science.  It’s a bit more expensive when you multiply it by three but since I’m not having to make copies, cut, color, glue, provide file folders, etc it works out in the end – as well as saves my sanity.  Three children lapbooking and completing journal assignments and one of those is still learning to write, well it can get a bit hairy!  I’m not complaining, but I’m just glad there are simple ways to now make it easier for larger families to do lapbooking and such.


The cover of the journals we use for our science, this matches the cover of the text book as well. -Christianbook


So I made a list of what would be needed for the experiments and try its through the book so we wouldn’t have to hunt and find or skip and minus out the goldfish experiment (I just can’t justify adding a fish to our house with two dogs and two guinea pigs for the sake of an experiment 🙂  )  Otherwise we’ll be doing them – I just need to find another triops or sea monkeys kit but that’s later on so I have time.


One of our first try its was to test air pressure since we were studying oceans, currents, etc and while we have experimented with air pressure at demonstrations at the local science museums there is something about doing it at home.  So I barely, blew up a balloon inside a 2 liter bottle and put the cap on, then the children stepped on it as it’s stepped on the balloon gets smaller and as the pressure is released it goes back to it’s original size.



One of the other experiments was to determine whether cold water or hot water is heavier, unfortunately because it involved water, transferring water and food coloring I needed to be more hands on and didn’t get pictures.  Suffice to say it was fun and our hypothesis turned out to be the correct answer!


Another fun thing that is suggested is to do an ocean box – where each child adds the creature(s) being studied each week to their box.  Again, we don’t have room for 3 large boxes, so someone mentioned using the tri-fold display boards.  I didn’t want three of those either but the children were agreeable to doing 1 board for all three as long as they each get to add an animal each week.  This week the children colored the board (light, darker and black – to semi represent the zones of the ocean) then we added our abyssal animals (those that live in the very, very bottom of the ocean where even humans can’t go).  So we added gulper eels, angler fish, giant squid, phytoplankton and tube worms.


My iPod didn’t do the board justice but this will give you an idea until I take another picture later.




2 responses to “Science – it’s fun!

  1. godmadeknown says:

    We’re using Apologia Astronomy this year and love the notebooking journal junior as well. Next year it’s on to the Flying Creatures. Glad to hear a great report on it!

    • ohiosarah says:

      We really enjoyed Astronomy – we completed it a couple years ago. We did Astronomy, Botany, Flying so we could do the Zoology in order, just the way my brain works LOL

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