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Earn free Books, Bibles and audios

on February 22, 2013



I’ve posted before about the new program from Tyndale, called Tyndale Rewards.  You accrue points for doing various things such as writing reviews on Tyndale Products on consumer sites, taking surveys, inviting friends to join and more!  We’ve been very blessed by this program so far we’ve received the following:





And I just ordered this:



It really doesn’t take much time to do a few things each month and let your points build up.  I’ve only been doing this since December, I think or maybe January?  If you’d like to join and help both of us out you can use my personal Tyndale Rewards code.


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  1. […] Christmas is becoming more expensive each year, as my children get older but what if I told you that you could give your children (or your spouse, or yourself) and great gift or gifts that embrace Jesus and His Teachings?  You can and all for free!  I’ve been a part of Tyndale Rewards for awhile now and it’s proven to be quite fruitful.   If you’d like to see some of the items I’ve gotten for free for my family read my post, Earn free Books, Bibles and audios. […]

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