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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – February 22, 2013

on February 22, 2013


In my life this week:


Well I cut my hair as did my hubby and children – you can read Hair Cuts! to read more about that.  I’ve signed up for another review company called WAHM Reviewers which means I hope to be able to bring you, my readers, more interesting product reviews!  This week marks the 3rd week that I have worked out everyday (well I still have to complete Saturday’s but since I’m posting today we’ll go ahead and assume I am going to do it).  My friend and I made the decision to put our 4H Club on hiatus and I am not trying to find a new Club for my children.  We also attended our first American Heritage Girls meeting this past Sunday – it was a blast and I know the girls are going to enjoy themselves.


In our homeschool this week:


We finished Mystery of History Vol. 2 – the girls took the semester test and did very well, not that I actually give them a grade, but it seems like they’ve retained a lot of what we learned.  I don’t give the tests to my son as he can’t read and he’s only 6.  My 8 year old also finished her 2nd year of Latin by completing Prima Latina!


Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share:


Don’t get so caught in getting school done that life passes you by.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:


Sunday we went to our first American Heritage Girls meeting and there were a lot of parents and children there.  Tuesday was dance, which the girls missed as they weren’t feeling well but son did go to his martial arts class as he tests on 2/28.  Thursday was again martial arts for my son.  Today, we have dentists appointments for all three children and then we have to stop at the store and get some essentials.


My favorite thing this week was:


How great I feel between spending time in the Word and exercising and also knowing that my 2nd DD finished her 2nd year of Latin.


My littles favorite thing this week was:


Not sure about my oldest but my 6 year old is looking forward to the dentist and my 8 year old is glad to be done with Latin until April.


Things I’m working on:


Keeping up with exercising and watching portion sizes/calories.  Doing reviews, reading, and trying to be the best wife and mom I can be.


I’m cooking:


I’ve made Mongolian Beef, sloppy joes, and we’ve had frozen pizza a couple times just because of busyness (yes I can have frozen pizza as long as I cut it very carefully)


I’m grateful for:


My friends who are supportive, a husband who is putting up with my exercise and food obsession and being able to be at home with my children.


I’m praying for:


A friend of mine who had surgery last week and is still in pain.  Another friend who is dealing with some personal issues.  My children.  My husband.  The unsaved.


I rewarded my kids this week by:


I told my oldest if she’d do a poetry course we got for review that she could be done with her other writing curricula – this was a BIG reward for her since she came to dread it.  Otherwise, my hubby is going to let them pick out something at the Dollar Tree later today.


Something I am oogling or have my eye on:


I’d like a yoga mat (I don’t do yoga) but it’d be great for those exercises that require me to lie on my back on sit on my knees.  I’d also like some heavier hand weights and ankle weights as well as an exercise ball and rebounder.


A photo to share:


Grabbed this picture this morning as one of our dogs, Chico, was curled up sleeping with my son.


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  1. eclecticeducation says:

    That is great that you are doing so well with exercising. I really need to get better about it. Have a great week!

    Suburban Farm Girl

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