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on February 28, 2013

I’ve had many tell me I’m an inspiration and ask me what I’m doing to lose weight.  Honestly I don’t feel inspiring – I’m doing what I should have been doing all along – taking care of myself.  I’m thankful though that there are those who are reading my story and are finding it inspiring – I truly think it’s God working through me so that others can see it does work.  The picture below isn’t the best but you can compare it somewhat by looking at my post “Some Honesty”

Don’t mind the crocs LOL this is a picture I took of myself last week. I really need to have my oldest DD take a better one.

My goal isn’t to lose weight, it’s a nice side effect, but really my ultimate goal is to be off my diabetic medication.  That was my goal last year but I got sick and quit working out.  It’s now been a month, or close to it of 6 days a week working out and eating 1,550 calories or less a day.  My goal just got lowered to 1,430 calories a day since I’ve lost 10 pounds.  I use MyFitnessPal to track my food, exercise, water, etc and it does work.  As of 7:30p.m. on 2/27/13 I still have 815 calories remaining – it’s hard for me to eat all the allotted calories for the day – I’m not getting hunger pains like I used to as I keep up with drinking my water and that helps to relieve any fake hunger pains I may feel.

I’ve been asked what am I eating or not eating?  Quite truthfully my diet hasn’t changed, yes, I’ve cut out soda (I will drink Zevia when it’s on sale), no more snacking on potato chips, etc but honestly I’m still eating what I’ve always ate.  The difference is the fact that I’m not having three bowls of soup, or two plates full of food – I’m measuring everything – if it can’t be measured I won’t eat it.  Some may think that’s extreme but I’m only a month into this so I need that visual – there will come a time I can let the crutch of measuring go but for now I need that.

A soup I made the other night.

Do I still have ice cream?  Yep.  I found some ice cream bars that are low calorie and low carb and no bad artificial sweeteners so I can still enjoy a treat every now and then – of course gone are the days of having three in one sitting.  I now enjoy and savor each little bite so that when I’m done I feel satisfied, the same with my meals.  I made spaghetti bolognese last night and I could have 1 cup of whole wheat pasta and 3/4 cup of the sauce – out came the measuring cups.  Once I ate and let my brain and stomach catch up to one another (it’s really not a cliche) I felt full with just that.

I’ve also been asked if I take any supplements.  No, the only thing besides my metformin (for now) is a pro-biotic called Florajen – and while it doesn’t help you lose weight it has curbed my cravings for all things sweet.  I used to look at chocolate and not resist and now I’m okay if I don’t have it but if I do,  I no longer desire the whole bar.  I didn’t start taking Florajen for this reason though, it was another health issue that led to me taking it, but this is just a wonderful ‘side effect’ of the pro-biotic.

I’ve been using a variety of methods for exercising – specifically my Wii Fit Plus, Leslie Sansone Walk DVD’s, Shapely Girl DVD and also adding in hand weights.  I’ll add in hand weights whenever it’s feasible and that helps burn more calories as well as produce muscle so I can tone.  I aim for between 20 to 30 minutes a day at this point and want to work up to an hour a day.  I also have a kettlebell but haven’t started implementing that yet, I’m going slow and steady so I don’t burn myself out.  I do want to invest in some heavier women’s weights, a rebounder and an exercise ball to add in more variety to cause muscle confusion.

I served my meal on a salad plate, which is tinier, it also made me think I was getting more compared to had it been on a large plate I would have thought I’m not getting much. This was quite filling at its portion size.

I know what I’m doing is working – I had a yearly check up today and the dr told me I had lost 20 pounds since I was in last year!  That is huge, for me!  I go in on March to have my A1C re-checked and I believe that it will be normal or very close to it – my blood sugars after meals have been great, even lower than recommended, while my fasting is a bit high for my liking.  I chalk it up to not checking within 8 hours of taking my metformin which means I’d need to wake at 3 or 4 in the morning to check my fasting.  So far the effects of exercise and diet change have been a tremendous amount of energy!  To read a book takes more concentration because I want to be moving, to write this blog post is taking me longer than normal because I could be up and doing the dishes.  Physically I feel better, mentally I feel better and just feel much more happier.


8 responses to “Progress…..

  1. Micki says:

    I am sooooooo proud of you! You look so beautiful and when I saw ya the other day on Facetime you can definitely tell. Keep up the, not good, but GREAT work! You definitely are an inspiration so let that be your motivation to keep on going.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Thank you 😀 You’ve inspired me too Micki, I know what changes you’ve made and seeing how well you look sort of set the stage for me to get in shape, although I know we are on different food paths we both recognized the need to get healthier and take care of our Temples 😀

  2. Laraba says:

    I love your attitude and your hard work! It isn’t easy to make changes and I find exercising regularly to be difficult…I keep thinking of you and it is very encouraging to me.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Thank you. It is hard, I’ve had to decide to get up early – I set my alarm for 6 even on weekends (hubby isn’t so thrilled when the alarm goes off at 6 on Saturday LOL) and eat, read my Bible and work out. I can usually get almost a half an hour in before everyone else is up.

  3. Kelsey says:

    Thank you for sharing! You are indeed inspiring, especially on this journey which I know from experience can be quite difficult.

  4. I love your attitude! This is very inspiring! I love how you explain that you haven’t cut out the foods you love but began to measure your portions as well as add Florajen and exercise! keep up the great work!

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