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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – March 8, 2012

on March 8, 2013

In my life this week…..

Well the girls finally made it back to their dance class after missing two classes due to illness, Christian tested for his next belt in his martial arts class and I posted my first review for WAHM Reviews!

In our homeschool this week…..

We began Mystery of History Vol. 3 and the children are still enjoying it – they actually asked to keep reading.  We are in week 7 of Swimming Creatures.  We are finishing up reading the 1st book in the Mary Poppins series and I’m not sure if we’re going to continue.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share….

School year round.  Seriously.  We began our 12-13 year in April and the children are almost done, they’ll finish their current math right before our assessment in May.  Schooling year round, affords us the flexibility to take Fridays off or swap it for another day for visiting friends, field trips, errands or just stay in.  It also allows us time off when we are sick or just need a break as well as a nice time off for holidays.  I’m so glad that we started year round schooling.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…..

Martial arts class and dance.  We really haven’t been anywhere else this week as we were trying to get in stuff that didn’t get done last week due to illness.

My favorite thing this week was…..

Seeing that my son is remembering the sounds of his letters in phonics and is making progress in remembering his sight words as well – even though he may put up a fight.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…..

Probably staring our Knights and Castles lapbook or knowing that we’re almost done with Mary Poppins (usually I love the classics but well….you’ll have to read it yourself)

Things I’m working on….

Reviews – I’ve got some great reviews coming up both for the TOS Crew and the WAHM reviews – so be on the watch for those and to stay updated follow me 🙂 Trying to find other Mystery of History users who want to work a shift at the Midwest Convention in April (if you’re going let me know if you’d like to work a shift).  Trying to narrow down the workshops and vendors I need to hit at the convention.

I’m cooking…..

I’ve been trying to do a lot more cooking and am going to invest in a kitchen scale but lately I’ve been using my beautiful salad plate to put my meals on so I don’t overeat.  Oops, sorry got off track  here are some of the meals I’ve made this past week:

  • champion all beef chili
  • beef, mushroom and barley soup
  • spaghetti bolognese
  • coated pork chops, with carrots and salad

Again, just a few of the things I’ve made – I need to come up with a shopping list for this coming week.  Tonight is going to be roast chicken (substituting whole chicken for chicken breasts) w/ garlic and potatoes, unless hubby decides he wants to go to dinner tonight for his birthday tomorrow.


I’m grateful for….

My weight loss – truly I can’t believe how wonderful I feel – I’m also feeling more patient with the children and my mind seems clearer.

I’m praying for….

A friend of mine’s mother-in-law is in the hospital with a serious infection in her leg.

I’m also praying that on March 18th my A1C is normal and I can go off my metformin!

I rewarded my children this week by….

I have no idea, maybe by not having them work on a lapbook today?

Something I’m oogling or have my eye on…..

Same as February 22nd’s entry, a very badly needed new printer (any suggestions), and a kitchen scale – I’m thinking this one – Biggest Loser 11 pound kitchen scale

A photo to share….

My son with his new obi – yellow w/white stripe. He passed his test and is so happy.

The drawing my oldest daughter did of Dr Who and Rose – no tracing.



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