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New Leaf Publishing: The Ecology Book by Tom Hennigan and Jean Lightner

on March 22, 2013


About the Book:


Study the relationship between living organisms and our place in God’s wondrous creation!

  • Learn important words and concepts from different habitats around the world to mutual symbiosis as a product of the relational character of God.
  • Designed with a multi-age level format especially for homeschool educational programs.
  • Examine influential Scientists and their work, more fully understand practical aspects of stewardship, and investigate ecological connections in creation!

The best-selling Wonders of Creation series adds a new biology-focused title that unveils the intricate nature of God’s world and the harmony that was broken by sin. This educational resource is color-coded with three educational levels in mind: 5th to 6th grades, 7th to 8th grades, and 9th through 11th grades, which can be utilized for the classroom, independent study, or homeschool setting.

Whether used as part of our newly developed science curriculum or simply as a unique unit study, the book includes full-color photos, informative illustrations, and meaningful descriptions. The text encourages an understanding of a world designed, not as a series of random evolutionary accidents, but instead as a wondrous, well-designed system of life around the globe created to enrich and support one another.


About the Authors:


Dr. Jean Lightner is an adjunct professor with Liberty University Online.  She has a B.S. in Agriculture (Animal Science major), a D.V.M., and a M.S. in veterinary preventive medicine.  After working just over three years as a veterinary medical officer for the US Department of Agriculture, she resigned to stay at home and teach her four children.  Now that her children are grown, she is deeply involved in creation research.  She has contributed numerous articles to creation journals, magazines, and websites and serves as a board member for the Creation Research Society.  She is also a member of the Creation Biology Society, Christian Veterinary Mission and the National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps.


Tom Hennigan was educated in the public school system and was inundated with the evolutionary belief that we could explain all life without God.  Through high school and into his early years of college he was satisfied that he understood the “scientific” view of life’s origins and that God need not be included in the equation.  However, after a pair of fellow students shared the case for a Creator with him, followed by a series of amazing circumstances that included sleepless nights, answered prayer, miraculous intervention, and deep soul searching, Tom gave his life to Jesus Christ.

Tom is an Associate Professor of Organismal Biology at Truett-McConnell College and has an A.A.S. from the New York State Forest Ranger School, a B.S. in Natural Resources Management from the University of Alaska, an M.S. in Education from Syracuse University, and an M.P.S. in Environmental and Forest Biology from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  He has taught environmental science and ecology for 18 years and teaches ecological concepts and field methods in herpetology, mammalogy, and forest ecology and has studied in the Galápagos.

He has written for the Creation Research Society Quarterly, Answers Research Journal, Creation, Creation Illustrated and Answers Magazines.  As a product of creation evangelism, his passions include helping people to see the glory of Christ in Creation and encouraging the Body of Christ toward Biblical Stewardship and Discipleship.  Tom and Jennifer have four grown children and live in Cleveland, Georgia.


My Opinion:


What can I say?  This is one of those reviews that I wish that I could just tell you how much this book is ($16.99) and tell you to buy it because it’s that good!  I know that won’t suffice though so I’ll tell you a little bit about this next book in the Wonders of Creation series, Ecology There are 10 chapters in this book, all of them are beautifully colored with lots of information and diagrams as well as an appendix and a glossary and index and how to use the book.  The chapters are:

  1. Harmony in Creation
  2. Ecology: The Study of “Our House”
  3. The Dominion Mandate
  4. What’s on Today’s Menu
  5. Taking a Liking to Lichens
  6. A Fungus Among Us
  7. The Plant-Bacteria Connection
  8. Of Bacteria, Cattle and Men
  9. To the Root of the Matter
  10. Doing Ecology in God’s Creation


The book can be used in the traditional classroom, independent study and homeschool and is divided into three levels using a color coded system that will make it easy to see where each level is supposed to be reading.  Level One is on a off-white background and is geared towards grades 5th and 6th and it’s encouraged that all levels read this information as it includes The Big Five (who, what, where, why and how) as well as some basic introduction information.  Level two is on a green background and is for grades 7th to 8th and this will go deeper in the study of ecology and issues surrounding it today.  Level three is on a blue background and is for 9th to 11th grade students that has more concepts and allows for more in depth studies in the ‘dig deeper’ sections.


Throughout the book are ecologists who have influenced the field of ecology, some may be Christian while others may not.  Ernst Haeckel, William Derham, Albert Bernard Frank are just a few of those who are covered in the text.  If you have multiple children who are in different grades or who learn at different levels then this book will be a great introduction (depending on the level you use) to ecology.  This will appeal to homeschoolers who often find it challenging to find curriculum that will fit a wide range of ages and grades without having to buy a bunch of different curricula to teach.  I look forward to continuing the use of my book.


**Disclaimer:  I was given a pre-print copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.




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