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Scouting for Food – AHG meeting

on March 22, 2013

We have been so enjoying our American Heritage Girls – and I so happy that a group has formed close enough for us to join!  We have some great coordinators and some wonderful Unit Leaders (I have to say that though since I’m one!!).  I’m really praying that come May the Boy Scouts will have made the right decision so that my son can become a Cub Scout – he had so much fun helping the girls and I collect food for the Scouting for Food event we did.


Christian collecting a bag of food that was left on a porch.


All three lined up with the bags of food, we only got 6, and the sun was brightly shining hence the reason for the look on Christian’s face.

Bethanne carried the AHG flag for our opening and closing flag ceremony at the meeting last Sunday. She really enjoyed being able to do this.


The girls have each been working on a badge at home, Bethanne is going to do cake decorating and Hannah has started creative writing.  Since we have to bring snack to the next meeting I told Bethanne that we’ll be bringing cake!  Of course, we also have a lot of service activities too so that we can be the hands of feet of Jesus.




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