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Blogging through the Alphabet: B is for blogging and C is for chiropractor

on April 1, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet

Well okay, I never did post last week so here is last weeks and this week’s post for B and C.

B is for blogging.  I’ve been blogging a long time now – I think since 2005 or thereabouts.  I started long before I started reviewing and it was mainly about being a mom – blogging has morphed into so much more, both personally and also it’s become a major marketing tool for a lot of companies.

There are days and weeks that blogging is hard – either I just don’t want to write, or I’m so behind in reviews that it seems like that is all my blog is anymore – I’m sure many other bloggers/reviewers can sympathize.  There are weeks we don’t do anything and I forget to take pictures of school stuff or we just don’t do school – like this week (we are doing math but I didn’t want to start new science and history chapters for only two days).

I love to blog and I’d like to think that my posts about my family and our schooling and other miscellany is reaching a crowd and making a difference.  I’d like to think that the reviews I write, and trust me those aren’t easy either sometimes, are also making a difference and helping a family in deciding what may or may not work for their family.

As I write this I keep thinking of how my chiropractor’s office is closed, which leads me to C is for chiropractor…….

I’ve been to several over the years – one had me believing I needed to go every day and if that wasn’t bad enough he also had me believing that it was normal for me to be in more pain and have a constant migraine during treatment!  Finally I wised up but it took me years to get over that fear and find another one.

This one was gentle and used a TENS unit – which is awesome! Then after going to him for some time there was something wrong with his billing of insurances so he closed up practice.  I’ve found another one and I’ve been going since I think last year?  This one is awesome!  except the fact that they are closed when I need them!

I have friends and family who are leery of chiropractic care but I can’t begin to tell you how much it’s done for me and my children.  It relieves my migraines, gets my back and hips into alignment when I’ve thrown them out of  sync with exercising.  There is this wonderful feeling when I hear that ‘POP’ and feel rejuvenated.

I’ll be going to the Midwest Homeschool Convention this week, and I’ve been having pain since last Friday – debilitating pain – pain that is causing migraines and making it hard to sleep.  I almost cried when I found out that they are closed through Wednesday.  Yes, cried – if the pain is as bad as it was last night I’ll probably head to the ER for an injection.  I also don’t want to stay holed up in the hotel while all my friends are at the convention.

I’ve tried finding another for just today, but a good chiropractor is hard to find especially one that does gentle, hands-on manipulation and accepts my insurance.  My co-pay is $10 and that covers a 1/2 hour massage AND adjustment.  I called a chiro today who told me I could see him for $50 and it’s a $1.00 a minute for a massage!  Not to mention I know nothing about him except he likes golf according to his office website!

I cannot stress how much I enjoy going to my chiropractor – I just wish my insurance allowed more that 10 visits per calendar year – that doesn’t amount to much when you need it plus it’s cheaper but of course the insurance doesn’t get their kick backs from the drug companies when I’m not utilizing the poison Kool-Aid medications.  If you haven’t tried chiropractic care I urge you to try it and if you don’t want hands-on, my middle daughter doesn’t like it and prefers the tool called an activator, find one who specializes in that and make an appointment today.


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