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Crew Review: Salem Ridge Press – Faithful, But Not Famous by Emma Leslie

on April 10, 2013

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As a parent who desires to give their children good and pure literature that also gives glory to the Lord, I know how hard it is to find books that meet this criteria.  This is where Salem Ridge Press enters the scene with their republished books from the 1800 and 1900’s that fulfill the requirements of godly character traits, high moral values and wholesome.  I had the pleasure of reading Faithful, But Not Famous by Emma Leslie which was orginally published in 1872 but is set in France in the years 1510 – 1522 A.D.   Geared for ages 12 to adult, all three of my children ages 6, 8 and 11 years old as well as myself enjoyed this story of the French Reformation.  As you read you’ll ‘meet’ Dr. Lefevre, Guillaume Farel as well as the French Reformation, the book is fiction but is set within a historical setting with some real people interacting with the other characters.

This is the book description from the Salem Ridge Press website:

“Young Claude Leclerc travels to Paris to begin his training for the priesthood, but he is not sure what he believes about God. One day he learns the words to an old hymn and is drawn to the lines about “David’s Royal Fountain” that will “purge every sin away.” Claude yearns to find this fountain, and at last dares to ask the famous Dr. Lefevre where he can find it. His question leads Dr. Lefevre to set aside his study of the saints and study the Scriptures in earnest. As Dr. Lefevre grasps the wonderful truth of salvation by grace, he wants to share it with Claude, but Claude has mysteriously disappeared. Where is he? And will France receive the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ?”

Since the book was written in 1872 and is set during the 1500’s, the language is dated, which makes it seem all the more authentic, as if you’re actually there in the story versus reading it in today’s modern English in which many things are lost.  The descriptions are rich and gave my children the ability to ‘see’ and even thing of the sounds and smells they would have encountered if they had been in Paris at this time.  Thankfully, Salem Ridge Press, has helped us modern English readers out, with brief definitions in the footnotes where unfamiliar words may pop up – making it quick and easy to answer questions children may have about a word or term.

Since we are coming up on studying the French Reformation soon in our history study this book was quite an asset in introducing my children to what was going on at this time in a living history manner.  We’ve been studying the Catholic Church and Claude really struggles with what he believes and begins questioning others about knowing the real Lord, not just following some set of rules or traditions or superstitions set forth from a church.  This mom’s heart broke reading about the encounter between mother and son and ultimately the final good bye as Claude ministers to his mother in her last days.  An excellent book that brings history alive to children and adults alike, Faithful, But Not Famous shows the reader what some encountered as they sought to bring the true Gospel message to the masses.

Salem Ridge Press also offers other books, I’d really like to read the others that are included in the church history set as they all look great.  They also offer young reader books, an allegory, adventure, American history and world history – and more are being added as the company finds more books to re-publish.  Faithful, But Not Famous is $12.95 in softcover but there are options to buy as part of a set and save money, depending on the option chosen.  If you’d like to read what other homeschool parents thought about this and other Salem Ridge Press’ books visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


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