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Blogging Through The Alphabet: D is for Diet and E is for Exercise

on April 17, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet


Well I’m late again!  So I’m doing two letters – having had convention and trying to get some stuff done in school before vacation – things have been busy so here I am – this week’s letter is E but I’m doing D is for Diet and E is for exercise.


They go together nicely don’t you think?


So, D is for diet.  Most of you who have been reading Growing For Christ for any length of time know I’ve struggled off and on with weight and food – and it was just this February that I made a concerted effort to really lose and get healthy.  One of the things I’ve had to deal with is my diet – I sometimes still miss the days of curling up with my Kindle Fire with a can of Coke and a bag of chips by my side – but the thing I don’t miss is the lethargy that would follow soon after.


Me in February.


I’m down almost 30 pounds and I feel great!  I am going to be walking my first 5K this coming Saturday and am so excited.  Plus I get a shirt!!!  I’m also accepting sponsors for the fun walk (2 miles) I’m doing in May, the Walk for Life to raise money for a women’s ministry for those women who have chosen to keep their babies, either to raise on their own or to adopt.


One thing that I’m having trouble with is the fact that there is so much information.  One person suggests juicing is the way to health, others suggest no meat is the way, others take a more relaxed approach and see it as it doesn’t really matter since we’re all going to die anyway.  I’m currently reading my way through Trim Healthy Mama (a review will be forthcoming) and I’m liking what I read.  I also bought Wheat Belly but haven’t started it yet.  Do you see why I’m confused?


Eat grains, don’t eat grains.  Eat fat, don’t eat fat.  Eat sugar, only use xylitol or stevia.  Don’t use any sweeteners.  **sigh**  What’s a girl to do?


Ultimately, I have to put it to prayer.  I can read the information.  I can put it to use but really what use is it if I don’t put it against Scripture so I know what God says.  God gave us animals to consume, knowing they are healthy.  God gave us grains to consume.  He is the one who created the Stevia plant.  He didn’t create our bodies to subsist on only veggies, only fruit, only grains, only meat, or tofu (which is soy so it’s bad anyway) or drink only juices.  So as I read I put the information I glean to the test against Scripture and see if it holds water as well as how I feel – I know God created the plant that gives us sugar, but I know after eating sugar I get lethargic and grumpy.  I know He also gave us grains, but I too know that after eating certain grains I have to make a stop in the restroom.  He gave us foods and He created our bodies and we must use what Scripture says as well as our bodies to determine how we should be eating for our unique bodies.


As for exercise.  I hated it.  I even tried to avoid doing PT in boot camp – it wasn’t easy but it can be done.  Now I feel like something is missing if I don’t exercise.  At convention, I didn’t exercise by what I typically do, but the amount of walking was astronomical so I was okay.  My calves were so sore for two days after!


Now Scripture doesn’t really say anything about exercising.  There is nothing about ‘thou shall exercise 6 days a week and rest on the 7th’.  We are told though that our bodies are the Lord’s temple and given that we should be taking care of them.  I feel grumpy when I don’t exercise, of course my children would say I’m also grumpy while exercising (of course refereeing a fight isn’t easy to do while you’re panting).  I digress…..


It’s said that a woman like me needs to exercise at least 1 hour a day most days of the week to lose weight.  There are some fun ways to exercise out there – I really enjoy the Wii Fit Plus – if I change it up it gives muscle confusion.  Of course I also enjoy Debra Mazda and Leslie Sansone too.  Diet also plays a factor, you can’t exercise an hour a day and still expect to drink all the Coke you want – you’re going to gain.  Diet soda isn’t good either and it’s being linked to weight gain even though it’s ‘sugar free’.  I drink water and unsweetened ice tea (if I do sweeten it I use Stevia).  I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and maybe some almond milk if I have a bit of cereal (yes, I measure it – usually 3/4 cup of cereal and 1/2 cup of almond milk) – otherwise it’s water or the occasional tea.


I’ve talked with others and some will tell me they just can’t lose the weight but then they’re holding a can of Mountain Dew.  Or ‘I have so many children, there isn’t time to work out’.  I have to say I’ve given up the excuses.  If you’re really wanting to get fit – stop the excuses (I think someone may have said that back in the 80’s?) but it’s the truth.


If I can make the time, if I can lose the weight, if I can walk a 5K then you can to so let’s look at your diet and your exercise and see what can improve.  Cut out the soda to start with, or cut down – you drink 10 cans a day, cut down 2 cans a week until you’re at none.


Can’t work out for an hour?  Start with 15 minutes and build up.  Carve out that time, if it’s time that you’re finding hard.  I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m. (sometimes I turn it off and sleep in but I still work out) eat breakfast and work out – if I get up I can have my work out in before I wake up the children.  Better yet, go for a walk with the children a couple times a day.


So, what’s you’re excuse?


Me in March.



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  1. Micki says:

    You are doing so great! I’m so proud of you and isn’t it great feeling and looking great?! Talk to ya soon!

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