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CWA Review: Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids by Jill Richardson

on April 28, 2013

ISBN-10: 0615581188

ISBN- 13: 978-0615581187

List Price: $8.00 Softcover, $3.99 Kindle

Page Count: 134

About the Book:

Short-term missions have traditionally been the province of singles, youth groups, and married-with-no-kids.

Five years ago, few would have picked up a book about taking the family on a short-term mission. Now, more and more of us 30 and 40-somethings with kids are asking―

Why can’t we do something meaningful for others with our kids? 
Why do we have to wait until they’re teens and then and pack them off on a youth group trip?
Why can’t we let them experience using their gifts in ministry now? 
And why can’t we discover those gifts alongside one another in an experience they’ll never forget?  Well, you can. With some planning specifically geared toward making a family mission trip successful, you can. And you should.

Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids interweaves personal experience stories with extensive how-to information.

Statistics tell us over three-fourths of our kids will leave the church when they leave home. Why? Part of the reason is their feeling that church is irrelevant to their lives and they can get entertainment and fulfillment elsewhere. If we taught our kids early that the church is relevant because they are the church, and it is fulfilling because they fill it with their gifts and ministry, we could reverse those statistics.

Serving together can be a huge part of that.

About the Author:

Jill has a BA in English and Education and an MDiv in theology. She is ordained in the Free Methodist Church and has served as a worship, preaching, and discipleship pastor. She is also a professional speaker available for speaking engagements. Jill is represented by Diana Flegel at Hartline Literary Agency.

With three daughters, three cats, and (thankfully!) only one husband, she keeps busy otherwise with community theater, gardening, reading, scrapbooking, and bugging her last child to do 4H projects. Jill loves oceans, cats, chocolate, teenagers, her family, the Cubs, and God, not necessarily in that order.

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My Opinion:


I have one daughter whose dream is to become a missionary, she is 8, so many have asked her, “Why?”, or “You could do ABC instead.” – so when I had the chance to read and review Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids I was excited and Jill Richardson has reaffirmed my hearts desire to take the children on a mission trip.  I’ve always wanted to take my children on a short term mission trip, but kept thinking I needed to wait until they were older, given that my children are 11 (she’d be fine but very sensitive), 8 (also fine and very sensitive) and 6 almost 7 (all boy, needs lot of stuff to do and often doesn’t pay attention) – I kept thinking there is no way I could take them on a mission trip and have them help in the building of a well or house or church.


Thank you, Jill, for opening my eyes and re-inspiring me – I want to keep my 8 year old’s flame ignited and going as well as to have my other children be Jesus’ hand and feet.  My heart is called to Africa as well as China – and while my husband probably wouldn’t be able to accompany us – I’d love to be able to raise the support to take my children and I to show Jesus to those who otherwise wouldn’t get to see Him.  Jill’s books offers very doable advice in how to prepare yourself both physical (like vaccinations), emotional and the legal side of things (I’d have to get a document stating my husband is allowing me to take the children out of the country) as well as how to evaluate if your doing the mission trip for the right or wrong reasons, things to pack and not to pack, and probably most importantly, fundraising – her family of 5 had to raise $10,000 (most of us don’t have that lying around).


I’ll definitely be re-committing the desire to do some mission work, even if it’s just out West or in the mountains of Kentucky to begin with, to prayer and see if the Lord begins to move my husband’s heart to do this, even if it’s just his blessing for us 4 to go.  Fundraising scares me, especially big time fundraising, but I know I can draw the strength from the Lord and He will provide and give us those people who will help fund us.  If you’ve ever wondered if you can take many small children on a short term mission trip, if will have any affect, and how to do it – grab Jill’s book and a high lighter and get to reading.



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  1. This looks like an amazing resource! I have 6 kiddos and the thought of bringing them on a missionary trip is just so expensive! I will have to check out this book to see some of the ways to make it feasible! I think it is an eye opener to children to see that people in other areas are not nearly as well off as we are. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for sharing!!

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